WarTales Trinkets: What to Do With Them

win battles in war stories gives you a variety of items as loot. From components to meat to fangs, your inventory can fill up quickly if you don’t know what to do with it. And you may be wondering what to do with jewelry that seems to have only one purpose. This guide has the information you are looking for.

WarTales trinkets explained

Trinkets are items you find in the world or receive as loot after completing battles. You can steal them from people or loot them from chests in towns. There is a wide range of trinkets, such as a terrifying painting, a carved figure, and a water-damaged journal.

Each trinket comes with its own description when you hover over it, adding a little more flavor to the world.

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What do you do with jewelry?

So what do you do with trinkets in war stories? Most trinkets appear unique and unusual, but they serve no purpose other than to be sold for krowns. Money is hard to come by war stories, and this is an easy way to get more. If you steal trinkets, you can use your storage chest to wash the items.

However, there are some trinkets that appear to be connected to local residents in the area. Before you sell them, be sure to read their description. If a description sounds familiar, go to the person or place that is being described.

Some trinkets offer bonuses for giving back to family members, such as B. the Lund Trinket, which can be returned to her mother for a reward.

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You can do that with trinkets in war stories. Anytime you see a trader and something is clogging up your inventory, sell them to make room and make extra Krowns – as long as you’ve checked their descriptions. Then it might be worth holding on to them. For more information, visit our installation instructions page more war stories Help.

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