Welcome Home ARG: All Hidden Links Listed

Welcome home ARG is peppered with hidden messages, eye motifs and an eerie feeling that all is not as it seems. As you rummage through the pages of the site, there is a dark, eerie atmosphere emanating from the screen. There are links to discover beneath the words and glowing images. We have compiled all currently known hidden links Welcome home ARG for you in this guide.

Where to find all hidden links in Welcome Home ARG

neighborhood site

The easiest and most straightforward hidden links to find are those on the neighborhood page. If you’re using the tab method, which involves navigating the entire page to find items to click, you’ll see two links:

  • At the top of the page, You in “You’re still one…” brings you to one Page titled You. Here’s a bit of text slowly forming the sentence “Wally is your best friend.”
  • The next link is at the end of Wally’s Home on the yellow trail. Clicking on it will take you to So page downwhere Wally sits in the dark and Home stares at him.

404 page

The 404 page can be invoked when entering various broken links (links that don’t work). The 404 page is a custom landing page and includes an image of Home along with text saying you’ve strayed too far. To get there we used the link as above which is currently a dead end.

Screenshot of GameSkinny.

left side

Although that link won’t take you anywhere, it’s odd that the Button for Barnaby is the only clickable one on the page.

letter links

These hidden links were discovered by scrambling the unaligned letters found throughout Welcome Home Website.

  • Starting in alphabetical order, the link will take you to a Page titled Answer. You will first be faced with a black screen on which a TV and a play button will eventually appear. It’s mostly white noise and static on the TV screen, but sometimes you can just about make out a pair of eyes. At the end of the video, someone moves the camera closer until it becomes static.
  • Going in reverse alphabetical order will take you to a 404 page, but unlike the other 404 page, this one has one clickable spinning phone.
  • Clicking on the phone takes you to a new page titled Duet, where someone – we suspect Wally – sings Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster. He ends up asking Home if they liked it, to which Home replies “I Do” in Morse code.
  • A trial page includes slower-paced text and Wally’s eyes shaking in the dark.
  • Other try again page takes you to a current script of Welcome Home. In the middle of the page are the various buttons that you can find on the Links page. As each cycle ends, the next one speeds up, zooming in more on Wally’s eyes until it ends in a red rectangle.
  • The last of the hidden links, this shows a dark image of home with pairs of eyes circling overhead. Below that is the word OPEN. This could refer to opening the home page and going to the So Below page.
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That’s all the hidden links we’ve discovered so far Welcome home ARG. As more comes to light, we’ll be sure to update the list. For others help with Welcome home ARG, Check out our instructions page.

Featured image via Clown Illustrations.

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