What is the Max Level in Diablo 4?

The diablo 4 The open beta is in full swing, and if you’re playing you might be wondering what the max level is. Of course, you want to keep advancing by exploring the world, uncovering mysteries, and killing every demonic denizen you see. Still, you might be wondering if the grind is over.

Diablo 4 Max Level and Level Cap Explained

The maximum level in diablo 4at least for the full game, is level 100. This will likely be a time-consuming grind of maxing out various class abilities, interacting with unique mechanics, utilizing synergies, discovering legends and unique items, and working toward deep builds. There are also Paragon levels that unlock at level 50, although we haven’t seen them in action yet.

In general, you should maximize your experience points (XP) by increasing the difficulty of the world tier. Likewise, membership in a party adds a +10% XP boost to aid in leveling.

However, for the current open beta, which runs through March 27, 2023 at 3:00 PM EST, the max level cap is only up to level 25. This is likely due to only a select portion of the game being available (i.e. a portion of Fractured Peaks in Act 1). Therefore, once you reach level 25, any XP you earn will no longer be counted.

It also needs to be mentioned that there is no associated achievement if you reach the max level during the beta, but there is a special treat that offers rewards. According to Blizzard, those playing the open beta can try to get it level 20 at least. This milestone is in turn saved to your account.

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By the time the game launches on June 6, 2023, you should be able to claim some nice rewards, including the Early Voyager title and the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item. Therefore, technically, we can consider this an ideal progression point to reach.

But that’s the answer to what the max level is diablo 4. Go ahead and delve deeper into these dungeons to slay more demons, especially if you want to get these rewards once the game is officially released. For more, Check out our Advice Hub.

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