Where is Minerva Today? — Fallout 76 Location Guide

Minerva is the traveling merchant who deals in rare plans and recipes Fallout 76. She shows up in various locations across Appalachia to sell her wares for a short time before departing. Here is Minerva today and her current inventory Fallout 76.

Minerva’s whereabouts today

Minerva is currently in The crater. It can be found in front of the entrance on the left-hand side. If you use fast travel to the outside of the crater, you will need to exit crater completely to find them.

She will stay until the crater April 12 noon EST.

Minerva’s current inventory

Minerva sells rare plans and recipes; However, she only acts with gold bar. Like her location, Minerva’s inventory changes weekly.

Here are the plans in this week’s inventory:

  • dynamite
  • Gauss pistol
  • Grocer’s backpack mod
  • Floater Gnasher Grenade
  • Durable lining Secret Service Underarmor
  • Flushed solar panel
  • Strangler Heart Brisket
  • Strangler Heart Helm
  • Strangler Heart Left Arm
  • Strangler Heart Left Leg
  • Strangler Heart Right Arm
  • Strangler heart right leg
  • Treated Lining Secret Service Underarmor

Minerva explained

Minerva will settle in four different locations in the Wasteland from Monday to Wednesday each week:

  • Atlas Fortress
  • The crater
  • Foundation, endowment
  • The Whitespring Resort

After Wednesday, she disappears for the rest of the week while she travels to the next location. Typically, after three weeks with changing locations, there is an event titled Minerva’s Big Sale this occurs between noon EST on Thursday through noon EST on Monday of each week. Your inventory during the event will be reduced by 25%.

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Minerva and her current inventory are located there this week. If you need help finding other NPCs, enemies or items in the game, check out our Fallout 76 leads hub.

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