Where to Watch Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Part 3 Dubbed

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series is the last installment of the Pokemon Journeys: The Series. Although all episodes have aired, major streaming services are lagging behind when it comes to release. For those looking, this is the place to watch Pokemon Ultimate Journeys part 3 synchronized.

While Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Part 1 And Part 2 were released on Netflix, there’s no word on when Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Part 3 will be available to viewers.

Fans will surely want to see the finale as this series is the finale for Ash and Pikachu. The two have been the main characters of the Pokemon animated series since it first aired in 1997. While some places are already seeing the new series, which kicked off April 14, others have had to wait.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Part 3: Where to Stream

  • The collection from A to Z has up to episode 56 of season 25. Unfortunately, the service dubbed up to episode 43. If you can make it through the subtitled version, you’ll have almost the whole series to watch.
  • Watch cartoon online dubbed up to episode 39.
  • Blissey’s husband also has up to episode 39 dubbed available. The site is a bit tricky to use as you have to browse ads after waiting 30 seconds for the page to load. Once you click on an episode you also have to wait for that page to load.

Until there is an official release date on platforms like Netflix, these are the best places to find the dubbed episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 3. Stay tuned for more Pokemon news such as: Pokemon GO Events, new Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violetor new TCG puts.

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