Who is the Merchant’s Voice Actor in Resident Evil 4 Remake? Answered

The trader has always been an important character in Resident Evil 4, and you might be wondering who the voice actor is for Capcom’s 2023 remake. The character is missing some iconic lines from the original game here, but that’s not all you might notice. In the original 2005 version of the game, the dealer was voiced by Paul Mercier, who also voiced Leon S. Kennedy. However, in RE4 make newLeon and the dealer do not share a voice actor.

Who voices the trader in RE4 Remake?

Michael Adamthwaite takes on the voice actor role for The Merchant in the Resident Evil 4 make new. This isn’t the first time Adamthwaite has worked with the voice, and you may have heard it before New stories from the Borderlands as Tediore Grunt or as Luca in War for the Planet of the Apes.

Capcom has made changes to many characters RE4 Remake, and the dealer wasn’t exempt from receiving updates. One of the minor details is that the trader can no longer be killed, reinforcing his status as an important character in the story.

Merchant Adamthwaite’s voices may differ from the original character, but the changes made to the character, combined with a new voice actor portraying him, fit the new, darker feel of Resident Evil 4 make new.

Now you know who is speaking the icon resident Evil Character. Since the trader is useful when it comes to items and upgrades, check out ours RE4 redo instructions on the best weapon upgrades And where to find the golden chicken egg to help you in your mission to rescue the President’s daughter Ashley.

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