Wild Hearts Grimstalker Released into Azuma with Second March Content Update

Wild Hearts Grimstalker is the latest Kemono to be added to the action RPG and is part of the game’s second March update. The update also includes new quests, weapons, and armor.

Grimstalker, a wolf subspecies. is a kemono on the island of Natsukodachi. Able to control both water and fire – which it can switch between when it gets enraged – requiring hunters to use special tactics to take it down. The addition of the beast also means new weapons based on the monster’s parts and the Fulgent armor set.

Also, three new quests have been added, each rewarding a new chat stamp and emote. Fulgent Fate: Bloodshed lets you face off against Amaterasu in Akikure Canyon; Days of the Hunt: Shining Gold requires you to hunt down Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak, and Lavaback to complete it; And twin pig canyon has you facing both Kingtusk and Icetusk while only having two lives.

Although these are all new content updates for March, more information on Wild Hearts can be expected in April. Similar to March, new content will be released at the beginning and end of the month, with the first batch of content arriving on April 6th.

From what we know so far, the Petal Fox Kemono known as Murakumo will be included, with new armor and weapons that can be forged from its materials. In addition, a spinning top Karakuri and the new Limit Break system will be added. For guides on how to beat Kemono, how to use Karakuri, and more, check out our Wild Hearts instructions page.

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Featured image via EA.

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