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As you might reasonably suspect with any modern video game, Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty has a number of currencies in play. However, this is not a free-to-play situation. Copper and Geniune Qi each have their own place when it comes to leveling up, upgrading and buying new weapons and armor. What’s a bit of a mystery, however, is the other currency you earn: awards.

In Where to go, also collect awards. While you may see this pop-up when you kill certain enemies, you may be wondering why you are being rewarded. Additionally, you may be wondering where and how to spend these awards. Well, we’ve got you covered and answers to all of these questions and more in these comprehensive guides to awards in Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty.

How to get awards in Wo Long

You deserve awards in Where to go by avenging other players who died from the same enemy you are fighting. By killing an enemy who has recently felled a player who is online, you will receive awards for your victory and will receive a pop-up informing you of the username of the player you fought valiantly for.

Similar to bloodstains in the souls Games have little flags that mark where online players have died. This is a strong indication that defeating a nearby enemy will earn you Accolades. You can also sacrifice a Dragon Healing Pot to gain a morale rank on these flags.

How to issue awards

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You can issue awards once you reach a certain point in the game and recruit the NPC by name Zuo Ci. This is also the NPC that allows you to do this respect your character And change your appearance at will. Once you’ve unlocked his services in your Hidden Village hub, you can find him in the main house behind which you spawn into the area.

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Just choose from the menu of Zuo Ci Award Rewards to get access to the exclusive shop.

Award Rewards

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There are a handful of things you can redeem your Commendation points for, including a fairly standard list of ammo, throwables, and buff items. Avoid wasting your points on this.

You can also buy new emotes here. These are at least exclusive to the Accolade rewards shop, so if you plan on playing Where to go With a group of friends, this could be something worth your points. But it’s the last option that’s really the most useful.

Zuo Ci also offers three armor boxes. There is a Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier box for each of the 13 melee weapon categories, 3 ranged weapon categories, and 4 armor types. You can exchange awards for these crates to receive a random item of your choice. This is how the exchange rate is made up:

  • 500 Accolades – Bronze Armor Box: Get a 1 or 2 star item at random. Low chance of 3 stars.
  • 1500 Awards – Silver Armor Box: Get a 2 or 3 star item at random. Low chance of 4 stars.
  • 2800 Awards – Golden Armor Box: Get a random 3 or 4 star item.

That should cover everything you probably wanted to know about awards and how to spend them. For more Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty Instructions, keep it locked for GameSkinny and our Where to go Leader hub.

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