Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — Armor Upgrade Guide

Did you like the challenging and reactive action? Axe: Shadows die twice, but missing the fashion element you usually get from these games? If yes, then Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty could be your favorite way to spend the next 50 hours. In this guide we will go over the armor upgrade system.

The levels inside Where to go are filled with loot that includes dozens of armor pieces divided into four categories: head armor, chest armor, arm armor, and leg armor. For the first time in the game, set bonuses and star ratings don’t matter for these armor pieces. This is more geared towards late-game players who want to tweak their build on the fly and in specific ways that Team Ninja games are known for.

For now, however, there are two main things you want to focus on when it comes to armor. Does it look cool and is the number increasing? The first is subjective, but the only reliable way to increase your armor’s defense number is to upgrade it.

How to upgrade armor in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To upgrade your weapons Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty You need to find leather. Besides copper (the main currency in Where to goyou will be swimming in), you need 3 leathers of an appropriate rank to upgrade an armor.

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Similar to Dark Souls or Elder Ring, you need leather of an appropriate rank to add +1 to an armor ranking. This only ever requires 3 leathers per rank. For example, to upgrade a piece of armor from +1 to +2 requires 3 rank 1 steel and a handful of copper.

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Armor cannot be upgraded at any Battle Flag. Instead, you must speak to the game’s lone blacksmith, Zhu Xia. Until you unlock the Hidden Village hub area, she will appear in missions to help you at specific points near Battle Flags.

Once you unlock the hidden village, Zhu Xia will move there. Soon after your first visit to this area she will open her own shop. It’s just a short jump, jump, and branch path to the right of where you enter the area.

How to find weapon upgrade materials

Check the level rewards before jumping into a mission or sub-mission to see what kind of leather rank you’ll get. This is the best way to get more upgrade materials for all your armor pieces.

If you’re playing the main missions, you can usually assume that when the level says it rewards you with rank 2 leather, you know that there’s probably a small number of rank 3 leather drops hiding there as well. By exploring the area, finding all of the flags, and killing all of the strongest enemies, you might find some high-value upgrade materials that will give you an edge over the next boss that stands in your way.

Do you also want to know how to improve your weapon? You can find this guide and other tips for the latest Team Ninja releases by visiting Gameskinny’s Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty game hub.

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