Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

There are dozens of weapons that drop per level Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty. The randomized loot system means that all of these drops have slightly different traits and stats. But overall, the melee weapons are in Where to go can be classified into one of 13 weapon types. Based on these categories we can come up with a list of the best weapon tiers for the game.

There are no stat requirements for wielding any of the weapons. You can equip anything from any of 13 weapon categories Where to go from the beginning. Each of the weapon types is useful once you know its specific rhythm and parry timing. This puts you in a situation where you might be overwhelmed at first and not sure what to choose.

So we thought it best to list these in this best weapon ranking, from least to most difficult to master Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty S-tier weapons


The Glaive is a fast, long-range weapon. It has lengthy animations that will make you engage more in your actions, but the damage output is worth it.


Swords are great balanced starter weapons. The trade-off here is between ghost power and attack power. The sword is slightly weaker in the latter category, but makes up for it with speed and spirit power.

Double Swords

Dual swords have the benefit of unrelenting speed. This will help you gain spirit quickly. The only disadvantage is the short range.

Straight saber

The saber is a great option. One of the easiest weapons to use, this sword allows you to both punch and thrust. The Straight Saber’s greatest weakness is its ineffectiveness against guarding enemies.

Double sabers

Like the dual swords, but with even lower spirit consumption and attack damage.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty A-Tier Weapons


Spears have excellent range and high spirit stats. They’re great for one-on-one encounters, but falter when it comes to multiple enemy combat.

buy spear

The Hoko (or Slashing) Spear is the solution to the spear’s lack of crowd control. It’s well balanced and deals solid damage, but it also has some decently long attack animations. This leaves many players vulnerable for long periods after combos.

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The staff is one of the faster weapons. While it lacks range and damage compared to many other options in the game, it can be an excellent close-up option.

Curved sabers

A curved saber is great for working on defense. While the range and damage output are low for this weapon category, the curved saber has such a high attack speed that it’s easy to interrupt your combo to deflect it at any point. Overall, this is probably the easiest of all weapons to use, but the stats aren’t remarkable.


The halberd is one of the best weapons for experienced wielders Where to go Player. It has some of the longest attack animations in the game, but master the timing and you’ll be rewarded with top-notch range, crowd control, and damage.

Double halberd

The Dual Halberds are strong, some of the most powerful in the game, but lack the effective range of their single cousin. If you like the halberd and are willing to sacrifice range for Spirit, this is a solid option.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty B-Tier Weapons


The hammer is extremely slow, but the damage is of course high. Given its low blocking stats and overall difficulty in using it, we have to put it in the B class.


The poleaxe hits hard and slow like the hammer and is just as hard to use. While the hammer is best used in one-on-one encounters and boss fights, the poleaxe’s slashing ability makes it better for group fights.

That’s the full list of weapon tiers for everyone Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty weapon types. For more guides and tips on Team Ninja’s latest action game, check out our other Where to go Leader.

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