Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide — How to Beat Lu Bu

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms and includes several names that fans of the novels will recognize, including Lu Bu. He’s as wild as the stories, so how do you beat Lu Bu? Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty?

How to defeat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu only has one health bar, but he cycles between stages being on and off his horse. Each form has its own set of moves and parry timings that you must learn in order to defeat Lu Bu. But before we go through them one by one, let’s share one general tip that has saved us hours of sore thumbs and a lot of heartbreak.

Where to go emphasizes the fact that every move can (and should) be parried. But if you’ve been neglecting the block up to this point, now is a good time to get used to that shoulder button. Blocking will negate the damage from many of Lu Bu’s attacks that are too fast for you to parry, especially if you’re learning the fight. This will greatly increase your survivability.

Also, did you know that you can successfully parry while holding the Block button? That’s right, so you can always hedge your bets… just make sure your Spirit Gauge doesn’t get too full. You don’t want to be stunned and open to one of Lu Bu’s many near-a-hit-kill attacks.

Lu Bu Phase One (On Horseback)

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It is important to play defensively at this stage. For starters, try to negate incoming damage and protect yourself from using healing items by deflecting or blocking all incoming attacks. Blocking works fine here.

Lu Bu will perform one of two critical strikes during this phase. The first one makes him jump and fall on you from the sky. Deflect as he falls to successfully parry this blow. On his second critical hit, Lu Bu will attack you. Dodge before he gets too close.

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Once you’ve parried, you should hit Lu Bu with at least one ghost attack. If you can consistently parry his critical hits and follow them up with ghost attacks, those riding phases will pass quickly.

Lu Bu Phase 2 (on the ground)

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When Lu Bu dismounts, you know he’s trouble. His first attack of this phase is always a trickier version of the critical leap and jump from the horseback phase. You’ll want to give him even more time in the air before hitting the deflect button to avoid getting wiped out right at the start of the transition to this stage.

His other new Critical Strike in this phase is a move where he charges at you on foot. Wait for him to basically touch you as his attack will be delayed after he gets to you and you will pull off a parry. The same rules apply here: use ghost attacks, but beware that Lu Bu will start attempting two critical hits in a row if he falls below half his health.

When Lu Bu lands a critical hit, his weapon is enchanted with flames for a while. This makes his attacks hit much harder and deal fire damage. The quickest way to get him out of this mode is, you guessed it, parrying another critical hit from the boss.

While it certainly helps to upgrade your armor and weapons as much as possible at this point in the game, this boss fight is really all about timing. If you’re still having trouble, the game offers help in the form of summoning AI companions and other players. Trust us, this can really help turn the tide of a battle.

That’s all you need to know to defeat Lu Bu Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty. For more boss tips and general help, check out our other Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guides.

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