Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — Divine Beasts Guide

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty Set in a Romance of the Three Kingdoms set in China, it features all the Taoist magic that goes with it. When it comes to what this means for gameplay, that includes the Divine Beasts, which you can summon to help you in battle.

What are divine beasts in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Divine Beasts are powerful spiritual summons that grant you buffs and sometimes even fight alongside you for a short time.

The Divine Beast gauge fills up as you deal damage and take damage. Once it’s filled, you can summon the spirit creature to bestow a bonus helping hand, be it offensive or defensive.

Each Divine Beast has two moves. There are two inputs you can press to summon (A + X, Y + B), and each input gives a different buff. For example with one, summoning the Qinqlong Divine Beast with Y + B heals and boosts damage done by you and your allies. The A+X input deals lightning damage to your weapon for about 30 seconds.

Each Divine Beast caters to a different one of the five elements that you level up to improve your stats. It’s beneficial, but by no means required, to equip a beast whose elemental alignment matches your build.

How to Change Equipped Divine Beasts

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To change which Divine Beast you have equipped, you must go into the menu of any Battle Flag. From there you can go to the Battle Preparations menu and select “Set Divine Beast” to change which one you have equipped.

How to unlock more divine beasts

Defeating certain bosses with story significance will unlock the boss’s Divine Beast. With the power of your jade, your character will absorb its power MegaMan Style. A new Divine Beast can then be selected and equipped in the battle preparation menu.

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And that’s all the basics of Divine Beasts. For more Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty Boss tips and explanations, GameSkinny’s own instruction page has you covered with all things Team Ninja latest.

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