Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — How to Defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty is an action game from Team Ninja that is very much in the style of the studio’s predecessor nioh games, but throw in even more directly An axe influence on the mixture. The result is a challenging but rewarding action RPG that will occasionally throw a boss at you that will simply halt any progress. You’ll be wondering how to beat the first boss in this game, it’s a real sucker.

An early sign of whether or not you’re going to click along Where to go is how much trouble you have with its first boss, Zhang Liang, General of Man. The first boss inside Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty can be a major stumbling block for gamers. At least it was for me. But with a little patience and know-how, we’ve managed to conquer Zhang Liang, and with some clues, we know you can too. Here’s how to do it.

How to defeat Zhang Liang, the first boss of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How nioh, Where to go is a level-based game divided into battlefields. You will encounter Zhang Liang at the end of the first battlefield in Part 1 of the game. This boss is tricky for a number of reasons, but mostly because he’s fast and ferocious, and his attacks require you to master the game’s parry timing early on. Oh, and it has two phases – but we’ll get to that. First the basics.

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First, look at Zhang Liang’s health bar. Now look at the bar below. That is Spirit Gauge and similar to the posture bar in An axe it goes back and forth, communicating the flow of power in combat. A lot of boss fights, including this first one, come down to focusing on filling up the bosses’ Spirit Gauge to stun them. Successful deflections and ghost attacks (Y/Triangle) allow you to shorten their bar, requiring fewer consecutive hits to stun the enemy.

This first boss fight is all about stopping Zhang Liang’s critical hits (attacks that glow red). By pressing the B/O button right while an enemy is attacking, you can deflect their strike.

The thing with Where to go is that you can distract literally any attack, some just might be harder than others. What this fight is trying to teach is the importance of parrying those critical hits to drain the boss’ Spirit Gauge capacity. But that is easier said than done. For example, double tapping the distract button will dodge, and if you dodge at the wrong time, you’ll often expose yourself to fatal damage. So here’s what to do.

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Zhang Liang’s attacks come fast and hard. If you don’t feel like you can block every incoming one, press LB/L1 to block his incoming regular attacks. Try to block his critical attacks when they come. In Where to go, if you get the timing wrong, I think you’re often late. The parry window on Zhang Liang’s attacks can start a bit before you might think.

The best way to dodge Zhang Liang’s attacks is to be aggressive. We recommend using a Spear or Slashing Spear type weapon and spamming him with a standard four hit combo (X/Square). The last hit of this combo will stagger the boss, allowing you to start the combo again.

You can flush and repeat this for the entire stage, pretty much exactly, just watch out for Zhang Liang’s critical hits and attacks from above. Now, in the second half of the fight, things get a little trickier.

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In the first part of the second phase, the health bottles you saved by cheesemaking the first phase come in handy. Zhang Liang will now hit you with longer range attacks, both from his giant arms and by sending a rock spike your way, and it will be difficult to get close to spam him. Instead, we will play more defensively this round.

The good news is that after you successfully parry a critical hit during this stage, Zhang Liang will stagger and give you a few seconds to land some hits. Block a critical hit and then continue with a regular combo of four attacks, and Then One ghost attack should be enough to take down Zhang Liang in one cycle.

From here you can unleash a punch that will drain him of a good chunk of his health. You shouldn’t have to do this more than twice to get him below half health in this second phase. And that’s the goal here, because at half health, the fight is more or less over.

Once Zhang Liang falls below a certain amount of health, the blindfolded boy will tell you that it’s time to unleash the power in the Jade Emblem he gave you. To do this, press ( Y + B / Triangle + O) and this will trigger a cutscene that wins the fight instantly.

More boss guides and general tips for Wo Long: The Fallen Dynastykeep in touch with Gamesskinny for the latest information.

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