Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — How to Deflect and Parry

Get in anywhere Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty requires knowledge of how the game’s distraction system works. You won’t be a master right away, but you can get close with practice. Let’s see how to turn in Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty.

The game expects you to know how to distract from the first boss, which is a huge hurdle for new players. It’s worth dialing down the mechanic as you can parry almost every attack in the game.

How to steer Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty

One of the first mechanics you will learn Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty is how to distract. When you’re hit by an attack, press B/O to block that attack. Block is on the left bumper (L1), so you have one button to block and the other to parry.

Things get difficult when you realize how Where to go punishes missed timing. Not only are the timing windows fairly narrow, but if you hit the deflection button twice in a row (to correct a missed timing), you’ll dodge instead. In the beginning, you’ll probably spend a lot of time dodging attacks you were trying to fend off.

In general, we’ve found that once you’re used to parry timing An axe or Elder Ringclean the window Where to go is actually a bit more forgiving. However, this window starts on the early page. As such, we found that airing, alongside parrying a bit early to deflect punches, yielded better results than trying to be on time and falling behind.

Like the attitude indicator An axe, Where to go‘s spirit gauge is just as important as health bars. Deflecting enemy attacks is the quickest way to stagger them and leave them open for a killing blow that kills many enemies in one hit.

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How to deflect critical hits

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Deflection is especially important when it comes to critical strikes, which are unblockable attacks that can only be parried. These are signaled by a red glow appearing on an enemy as they prepare one of these powerful attacks. Deflecting a critical hit will stagger an enemy and deal significant damage to their spirit meter.

Successfully parrying a critical strike can turn the tide of a strong enemy encounter. When it comes to boss fights, however, this is the core mechanic. Learning the timing and how to parry a boss’ powerful critical hits is the most consistent way to defeat Where longs toughest opponents. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our others Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide.

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