WoW: Dragonflight Breaking Ground Quest Guide

You complete the chapter “Breaking Ground” in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight with the latest campaign update in Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion. The new campaign leg is divided into seven sections that take you through the Zaralek Cavern as you learn more about the Black Dragonflight and its former aspect, Neltharion.

Complete the groundbreaking to-do list

“Breaking Ground” is the name of the first chapter of “Embers of Neltharion” and it consists of a series of quests that serve as an introduction to the new area, Zaralek Cavern, and explain what you can about the story that takes place there can expect . It also introduces us to Loamm and the nephews.

I was able to dive right into Breaking Ground when I logged in after the patch 10.1 update, but if you haven’t completed A Creche Divided in Forbidden Reach from the previous patch, you won’t be able to start Breaking Ground yet.

Once you’ve completed A Creche Divided, start Breaking Ground in Valdrakken with a quest called The Land Beneath. The campaign quests that make up this first chapter are as follows:

  • The land below
  • News from below
  • A crack in the world
  • Where the flames fell
  • Scar of Earth and Fire
  • The Patience of Princes
  • It wasn’t enough
  • Eradicate the depth
  • Nephews and Goliath
  • brother’s keeper
  • My Father’s Secrets
  • The earth gives in
  • Smells like clay
  • Welcome to the city of smells
  • Orientation: Clay NIffen
  • Six hundred feet below

Once you’ve completed Six Hundred Feet Under, you’ll see a progress update for the Embers of Neltharion achievement that says “Breaking Ground.” If you see this, you have successfully completed the first chapter of the new campaign. Now that you’ve arrived in Loamm, this might interest you WoW: Dragonflight Leader How Where can I find Ponzo? And how to get Barter Bricks.

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