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If you have been playing during legionmaybe you still remember how to get to the Halls of Valor WoW: Dragonflight. If not then don’t worry. Returning to this dungeon is fairly easy, especially with flying mounts. Here you will find the Halls of Valor dragonflight.

How to get to the Halls of Valor in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The Halls of Valor are located in Stormheim (X:71, Y:71). Your first step is to get to the Broken Isles, and there are multiple ways to get there.

The first is the Dalaran Hearthstone, which you may still have in your inventory. You can use this and then get to Stormheim via a flight route or with your flight mount.

Second, there is the option of using the portal room in Orgrimmar or Stormwind to bring a portal there legion Version of Dalaran. I used this method because I forgot the Hearthstone. You then cover the rest of the way on a trajectory or a flying mount.

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Once in Stormheim, the Halls of Valor are in the area marked on the map below.

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As you enter the building you will see the Halls of Valor on your left. The instance to your right is the Trial of Valor. They don’t look so different that you can identify them in-game without using the map. Therefore, it can’t hurt to double-check which ones you need to save time by avoiding loading screens.

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And this is how you find the Halls of Valor. I found it amusing that some older content is revisited and not forgotten when a new expansion releases, and I wouldn’t mind if that became a trend.

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But for now we have more WoW: Dragonflight Leader that you can see and that revolve around the new area, the Zaralek Cave, such as How to complete Breaking Ground and how to open treasures like The Dreamer’s Bounty.

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