WoW: Dragonflight – How to Find Fealty’s Reward Treasure

One of many new treasures added in Zaralek Cave and figuring out how to find and open the Loyalty Reward Treasure can be a source of frustration World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. However, opening this treasure chest is deceptively simple.

WoW: Dragonflight – How to find (and open) the Loyalty Reward Treasury

The Loyalty Rewards chest itself is located above the raid entrance in Aberrus, Zaralek Cave. You’ll find it high up on a small platform (X:48, Y:11). Opening is a bit trickier.

After seeing the chest, which you cannot interact with at this point, your next step is to find a dragon statue located in the Brimstone Garrison in the Zaralek Cave near (X:44, Y: 23) is located.

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That puts it in the lava-filled section of Zaralek Cave, which is far from my favorite spot. However, I’m a sucker for treasure hunting. At least Fealty’s Reward’s location isn’t too bad for those of us who don’t like the lava zones.

This section was really frustrating for me. You have to kneel in front of the dragon statue to open the chest, but I had trouble accessing the chest even after kneeling. I’ve walked between the statue and the chest several times, and it turns out that you need to be close to the statue’s base when kneeling. I also noticed that the statue shoots fire out of its mouth for a moment when the chest is unlocked.

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Once you see these flames, head back to Fealty’s Reward on its small platform and open it to get your treasures. For more WoW: Dragonflight Leaderwe are expanding our content for patch 10.1 with topics like how do you get flying stones And Where can I find Ponzo?an NPC that you need to trade in Loamm.

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