WoW Dragonflight: How to Get Barter Bricks

Before you can get Barter Bricks WoW: Dragonflightyou have to fulfill some requirements with Loamm Niffen and Ponzo with which you trade with these stones.

How to get trading stones in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

First you need to reach reputation 3 with Loamm Niffen. I reached Renown 3 shortly after arriving in Loamm and continue to complete campaign quests that introduce you to the town, so this requirement shouldn’t take you too long.

Second, you must Find Ponzo and accept “Get Rich Quick”, a quest where you sell Ponzo’s Cream and Glimmerogg timeshare coupons to other nephews in Loam. This quest rewards you with an exchange stone.

Once you have met these two requirements, you will receive Ponzo’s “Barter 101”. This quest unlocks daily quests that can earn you up to 10 Barter Bricks per day.

You can also get Barter Bricks from Sniffseeking, although you only get up to four. Then killing rare items and opening treasure has a small chance of also rewarding you with Barter Bricks.

From there, you can start trading Stones for other items. Since the amount you can get from quests per day is limited, it may take a while to farm the required number of stones with the low drop rate of rare items and treasures in Zaralek Caverns.

And that’s the first step into the niffen barter system. Now you can purchase the profession recipes by exchanging Barter Bricks for Ponzo’s Cream and Glimmerogg Timeshare Vouchers. You can find more content in our World of Warcraft guide page while we work to cover the latest patch 10.1 additions.

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