WoW: Dragonflight Rare Bosses in the Forbidden Reach Locations

Learn how to find all rare bosses in Forbidden Reach in WoW: Dragonflight can be a bit tricky as there are 16 of them. However, this guide will give you the coordinates and a map reference for each boss to make finding them a little easier.

How to find all rare bosses in the Forbidden Reach in WoW: Dragonflight

Bonesifter Marwak location

You can find Bonesifter Marwak in a nearby cave (43, 80).

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Duzalgor location

Duzalgor has to go down a flight of stairs before you can find him at (37, 31). Before you head into the entrance, though, make sure you grab an antidote that’s on either side of the opening. You must use it before your bar fills up to avoid being stunned and teleported back to the entrance.

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Gahz’raxes location

It may take an extra minute to reach Gahz’raxes as you can find him in an underwater cave at (27, 38). Having to swim to reach it can slow you down and cause you to miss out on participating in the fight.

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Galakhad location

You can find Galakhad in the same area where the Storm-Bound Chest for Trial of Storms spawns (44, 78). The height of the mountain means you’ll want to make sure you have enough strength to reach it with dragon riding.

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Grugoth the Hullcrusher location

Grugoth the Hullcrusher is perhaps one of the easiest rares to find, as he’s just on the shore at (43, 90). However, the location has other enemies that might attack you upon landing depending on where you touch down.

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Ishyra location

Ishyra is on a raised platform at (41, 13). The adds that spawn during their fight will teleport you into the water below if you don’t defeat them before their spell is complete.

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Location of Lady Shaz’ra

Lady Shaz’ra is in a nearby cave (60, 58). You’ll find the entrance to the cave hidden next to a waterfall.

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Mad Eye Carrey Location

Mad-Eye Carrey is in a cave across from Lady Shaz’ra’s water near (69, 46).

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Okbeard location

Ookbeard is up near Reisa the Drowned at (37, 11). The symbol may make it appear as if he is in the water, but he actually appears on a small piece of land.

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Pyrachniss location

Pyrachniss is a rarity that is a bit more difficult to obtain. While the boss is at (51, 72), the cave entrance to reach Pyrachniss is at (51, 59). You must use the small tornado to fall safely to the boss location.

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Here is a picture of the entrance to Pyrachniss, which is the same entrance you will use to reach Warden Entrix.

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Reisa the drowned place

Reisa the Drowned is in a cave near Oakbeard at (47, 20). The entrance is low so you don’t have to worry about strength to climb the nearby mountains.

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Veltrax location

Veltrax is located in a hollowed out section of the mountain that cannot fully be called a cave at (72, 67). He’s another Rare with nearby enemies that might attack you on your way.

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Volcanakk location

Volcanakk is pretty close to Veltrax, found in a cave near (53, 46).

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Vraken the Hunter location

Vraken the Hunter is another boss near Lady Shaz’ra but on the opposite side of the river around (59, 49). As you might expect, he is in a cave.

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Warden Entrix location

Warden Entrix is ​​in the same cave as Pyrachniss, but you go right and use a ground teleporter. On your way to Warden Entrix, which you will eventually find at (42, 86), you will encounter many enemies both before and after using the teleporter. After defeating him you can use a teleporter in his room to return to the entrance and avoid fighting your way back.

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Wyrmslayer Andvardi location

Wyrmslayer Angvardi is perhaps the most difficult rare to reach, simply because you have to climb so high to get to him. He’s at the top of the tower at (62, 31). He also appears to have the longest respawn timer among the rare bosses in Forbidden Reach.

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You’ve defeated all 16 rare bosses in the Forbidden Reach. The fights can be worth repeating as you can get different loot or just get more Elemental Overflow from them. Otherwise, you can check out our extension World of Warcraft guide hub.

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