WoW: Dragonflight — Where to Find All Dragonriding Glyphs in Zaralek Cavern

Knowing where to find all eight Dragon Ride glyphs in Zaralek Cave can be a daunting task WoW: Dragonflight. Patch 10.1 added the new underground area, and the design of the cave can be narrow at times. This means some glyphs are hidden behind stalactites or covered by buildings. You can find their locations here.

All Dragon Riding glyph locations in Zaralek Cave

I started my glyph quest at Glimmerogg and traveled counter-clockwise around the map. Overall, it took me about 15 minutes to get all eight glyphs, so it doesn’t take a lot of time here. I list the glyph names below in alphabetical order. That way, if you’re missing some of these achievements, you can jump straight to the achievements you need in this guide.

Abberu’s approach

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The Abberus Approach glyph is near (X:48, Y:7) and you will see it near the top of the lava waterfall. I used the top of the building to charge up my power before grabbing this glyph.

Acidbite Gorge

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The Glyph of Acidbite Ravine is near (X:47, Y:37) and hidden near stalactites without many platforms to power charge around them. I had 5 Vigor at the time I got it and have had no issues with running out of power or having to charge it after starting my flight from the remote location shown in the picture above is.

mica ogg

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The Glimmerogg Glyph is located near (X:42, Y:81) and is one of the easiest to grab. There are no real enemies in this area and there are many platforms that you can use as a launch pad to fly there.

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The Loamm Glyph found by (X:55, Y:55) may be the first one you grab, as this is the city you travel to at the start of the Embers of Neltharion campaign. It’s another one that’s easy to grab as it’s not that high and you don’t have to worry about enemies.

Nal ks’kol

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The Nal ks’kol glyph is nearby (X:63, Y:73). This glyph is hidden in the corner of the map, but there’s a building nearby that you can use as a stopping point for your dragon before grabbing it.

Slitherdrake Roost

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Near (X:55, Y:28) is the Slitherdrake Roost glyph, another glyph hidden in stalactites. So you should keep an eye on the wall of the cave to get hold of this glyph.

The passage

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Located near (X:72, Y:48), this is one of the easiest glyphs to spot and grab. The Throughway glyph is made of green stalactites, increasing its visibility.

They founded Caldera

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What I definitely dislike the most is the Glyph of Zaqali Caldera nearby (X:30, Y:45). As soon as you enter the Zaqali Zone, they will try to shoot you down. When you get 10 stacks of the debuff they put on you, dismount. Don’t be afraid to use your power here to get to the platform with the glyph. You can then take a moment to charge it back up and zoom out of the area.

And there you will find all eight glyphs in the Zaralek Cave. You also get the achievement by confirming you’ve collected them all! we have more WoW: Dragonflight Leader Useful tips and tricks are also listed, e.g where to find ponzo And how to get the new Winding Slitherdrake.

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