WoW: Where to Find the Blazing Shadowflame Chest

So you explore the depths of Zaraleck Cave in search of treasure. In your travels, you’ve probably heard of the Roaring Shadowflame Chest. But where is it and how do you open it? Don’t worry, brave adventurer. We know, and we’re here to share our secrets on where to find the Roaring Shadowflame Chest World of Warcraft.

Location of the Roaring Shadowflame Chest

You can find the Blazing Shadowflame Chest in Zaqali Caldera, in the western part of Zaraleck Cave. Zaqali Caldera is covered in lava, so you’ll probably want to fly in, but be warned: flying in Zaqali Caldera is dangerous.

Flying in Zaqali Caldera grants you a debuff called Dragonslayer’s Sight, which stacks continuously while you’re airborne. If you are taking a short flight, you don’t have to worry. But at 10 stacks they will shoot you down. The only way to prevent this is to land or leave the area. Keep that in mind when looking for the chest with the blazing shadowflame.

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You can find the chest at the base of a lava waterfall east of the big bridge in the western part of the area. The coordinates of the chest are (28.53, 48.09). The platform the chest is on is surrounded by lava, so you’ll need to fly (or jump) there.

How to open the blazing shadowflame chest

It is not enough to get to the chest. To open it, you need an Onyxia Scale Cloak. This cloak first appeared in vanilla Wow. Talk about a relapse!

How to get an Onyxia Scale Cloak

To get one, you must either craft it yourself in a leatherworking profession, or buy one from the auction house.

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If you fail, you must kill Onyxia and turn in the quest A Most Puzzling Circumstance, which you will receive by looting her head. You then need to complete The Journey Has Just Begun, for which you will be rewarded with the pattern.

To craft the cloak, you need 300 Classic Leatherworking skills. You will also need an ashcloth cloak, an onyxia scale, and a rune thread as materials.

All in all, it’s a lot easier to just buy it on the auction house. Once you have the Onyxia Scale Cloak, you can open the chest.

And this is how you find the Blazing Shadowflame Quest in WoW: Dragonflight. For more information on Blizzard’s MMO, check out our ever-expanding guides hub.

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