WWE 2K23: How to Do Submissions

Knowing how to make submissions WWE2K23 can land you some pretty easy wins online, and hitting them in single player matches adds to the realism of the game, as does turn on blood does. The tutorial teaches you how to make submissions, but these first tips are brief and there’s a lot of information to absorb. Once you step into the ring yourself, it’s easy to forget what to do.

How to make submissions in WWE 2k23

In order to make submissions, you must first be close to your opponent. Next, press RT/R2 and B or Circle to initiate a grab.

You must quickly press the prompts that appear for each Submission Move to fill a meter that appears at the bottom center of the screen. If you defeat your opponent and fill your bar, you win the submission battle and claim victory.

How to secure submissions

To ensure you win the Submission Battle, you should do this tire your opponent. This means damaging your opponent’s body parts with various light and heavy attacks, or using weapons if the match type allows it.

Try to focus on the area where you want to use a template to wear it down. For example, when attempting an armbar submission, focus on wearing down your opponent’s arms.

You can tell how much damage you’ve inflicted on a body part when you see the colors on the wrestler’s silhouette begin to change near their vitality meter. When the parts of these silhouettes reach a yellow-red tintyou can try to perform a submission move.

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This is how submissions come in WWE2K23. If you look for more information WWE2K23, Check out our Advice Hub.

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