WWE 2K23: How to Turn On Blood

Knowing how to turn on blood WWE2K23 will make your games more realistic. It will also let you prove the doubters wrong and show beyond a doubt that wrestling is not fake. Choosing the option is easy, even if it’s buried under all of the game’s other customization options. Oddly enough, you don’t need to enable this setting to play First Blood matches.

How to activate blood in WWE 2K23

The WWE2K23 The blood option can be enabled with a simple visit to the options menu. Go to:

  • options
  • playing style
  • Scroll down to Blood (under the Post Match Run-In option)
  • turn on blood

Once that’s done, you can spill blood in all matches, not just extreme types like First Blood. If you want to turn off the setting, just follow the instructions above and toggle the setting to “Off”.

You can’t toggle blood on or off during a game, so you’ll have to go to Options in the main menu every time you want to tweak the setting.

How to make wrestlers bleed their own blood

It’s actually quite difficult to shed blood WWE2K23. With the setting enabled, I’ve gone through entire games without showing blood, no matter how hard I tried. As you might expect, use weapons like Chairs, bats and sledgehammers increase the likelihood of another wrestler’s face turning red, but it’s not guaranteed.

In regular matches, you’re most likely to spill blood when your opponent comes The red vitality bar becomes very low and when hitting them with heavy attacks. Something like First Blood is probably faster because of the match type.

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A note on First Blood matches

Interesting, You don’t have to activate Blood to create a First Blood match in WWE2K23 custom matches. The funny thing is that matches just end without a crimson showing up.

We have a guide going over how to create a first blood match here if you are curious

And that’s all you need to know if you’re wondering how to turn on blood WWE2K23. For more, click the link above or go to our WWE2K23 guide hub here.

Featured image via 2K Games.

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