WWE 2K23: How to Unlock The Rock ’12 in Showcase Mode

when you play WWE2K23, you’ll probably want to smell what The Rock is cooking. The problem is that this year’s game has multiple versions of The Rock. If you’re looking for the version that defeated John Cena at Wrestlemania 28, look for The Rock ’12, which can be unlocked in the game’s Showcase mode.

How to unlock The Rock ’12 in WWE 2K23 Showcase mode

To unlock The Rock ’12 you must complete Wrestlemania 28 in Showcase mode. The match is called One on One with The Great One and has 15 different objectives.

Completing the game unlocks three rewards: the Wrestlemania 28 Arena, John Cena ’12, and The Rock ’12.

Here’s a list of all the objectives you need to complete to complete the game, told from John Cena’s perspective:

  • Rock wanted me to wrestle his fighting style, which he made clear when he opened the ring with a headlock punch!
  • Wanting to keep a high tempo, I discharged some of my own attacks, but Rock was able to dodge/reverse/block three (3) of them.
  • After an Irish whip sent me off the ropes, Rock dropped me with a perfectly timed rebound attack!
  • Another Irish whip on the ropes made me think he was going to try again!
  • Then Rock turned the whole match on its head when he pulled me out of the ring and performed his Rock Bottom Announce Table Finisher!
  • Rock let the hits come as he dropped me with a huge Arm Wrench DDT!
  • And he followed me in the ring with a jumping clothesline!
  • It was time for some VINTAGE ROCK as he lit me up in the ring with a light combo!
  • Rock focused on my legs and tried to do some damage to them!
  • That included putting me in the ring in his Signature Sharpshooter!
  • Rock got me back out of the ring to play some Attitude Era brawl and he tried to send me into the stairs with an Irish Whip!
  • When we got back in the ring, Rock wanted to take me to Rock Bottom!
  • I saw Rock was a little frustrated so I attacked! But Rock was able to reverse/break the next attack I tried!
  • And as he likes to do, Rock sent another (opponent) taunt to piss me off!
  • Rock found the opportunity to climb to the top rope and dive in on me while I was in the ring!
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Complete all 15 objectives for the Showcase Mode match and you’ll unlock The Rock ’12 among other rewards. For more information about the game, see our WWE2K23 leads hub.

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