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The M4A1 is currently the best assault rifle in the XDefiant Beta. It has the lowest standard recoil of any weapon in the game, allowing it to blast through targets like butter. But just because it’s already a good choice doesn’t mean you can’t make this weapon better. Below we cover the best M4A1 loadout options.

Best M4A1 Loadout in XDefiant Beta

The M4A1 Loadout aims to fix a few minor flaws in the weapon and balance it into the perfect Death Dealer. Your rate of fire will increase, your reload speed will be much faster, and your overall handling will be better.

Best muzzle: muzzle booster

Although the M4A1 has the highest rate of fire among all other assault rifles XDefiantit’s still slower than that MP7 SMG. This is where the Muzzle Booster comes into play. It increases your rate of fire by an additional 2.5% So you can actually compete with MP7 users.

Muzzle Booster will increase your recoil slightly, but since the M4A1 already has a natural suppressor, it won’t affect your performance all that much.

Best Run: Stabilizing Run

If you want to compensate for the increased recoil, we recommend the Stabilizing Barrel, which improves both vertical and horizontal recoil by 2.5%.

Best Front Rail: Leather-wrapped foregrip

The leather wrapped foregrip is one of the best attachments in the M4A1 loadout. First, it improves your aiming speed 15% when walking. Second it increases your overall aim stability by another 10%. This foregrip will really help you increase your personal TTK XDefiant.

Best optics: reflex sight

The optics are completely optional here, but if you want improve your lines of sightthen a reflex sight or a holographic sight will go a long way.

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Best Magazine: Fast Mag

Fast Mag is undoubtedly the best mag in the game improves your reload speed by a massive 50%which is how absolutely necessary in a fast-paced game XDefiant. It also increases your total ammo capacity from 30 to 35 bullets.

This particular structure does not require a rear handle or shaft attachments to reduce recoil and bullet spread; M4A1 has these stats balanced by default.

That’s it for the best M4A1 loadout XDefiant Beta. Check out those too best MP7 buildand stay tuned for more X defiant Tips and Tricks article right here.

Featured image via Ubisoft.

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