XDefiant Beta: Best MP7 Build

The MP7 is undoubtedly the best MP in the world X defiant Beta, which gives you a high rate of fire and good control. The weapon’s default stats are great from the start, but they can be made even better if you apply certain attachments that take this weapon to a whole new level. We pass below the best MP7 build currently in XDefiant.

Best MP7 Build in the XDefiant Beta

Any gun in it X defiant can be enhanced with a range of additional attachments and the MP7 is no exception. You don’t have to use them all, and often less is more, but if you really want to get the most out of this awesome weapon, here’s what we suggest.

Best Barrel: Chrome Lined

th Barrel lined with chrome The attachment increases your weapon’s damage and range, and increases the MP7’s close and medium range by an additional 20%. This means your overall projectile range will be increased from 17 meters to 26 meterswhich is quite significant.

SMGs are notorious for their short range, but this barrel will fix that problem in no time. However, their overall speed is reduced by 5%, which is almost imperceptible.

Best Front Rail: Handstop

If you want your weapon to be more accurate, you need the Handstop Front Rail attachment, which increases your aiming stability by 15% and vertical recoil by 5%. This is important as it significantly stabilizes your weaponmaking it easier to target enemies.

You can give the MP7 an additional optics attachment to increase accuracy even more if you find it useful for your specific build, but the standard iron sights seem to work perfectly on their own.

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Best Magazine: Fast Mag

Fast Mag Magazine doesn’t actually increase your ammo (+5), but what it really improves is yours reload speedwhich is increased by a whopping 50%, and that’s more important in a game as fast as XDefiant than the number of bullets.

Best Rear Grip: Light

Here is another tool that will make your MP7 even more stable with the huge 25% increase in recoil recovery. You’ll also notice that your walking aim is 2.5% better, which isn’t much but definitely noticeable.

Alternatively, you could improve your hip fire while sprinting with the Quick Draw rear grip, but it affects your aim stability too much, which isn’t a good thing.

Best Share: Collapsed

You want your stock to offer tighter bullet spread so you hit exactly where you aim, and this attachment improves both your minimum and maximum spread by 10%.

On top of that, Collapsed increases your speed by another 7%, which is much needed, and there are absolutely no penalties for this stock either.

Best muzzle: Lightweight silencer

While a silencer is great for having to remain as unobtrusive as possible, there is definitely a major downside to your range which is not recommended, especially if you intend to use the chrome lined barrel.

So it would be best to just not muzzle this build as it focuses on speed, accuracy and stability which is more important than going unnoticed. But if you find a stealth approach necessary, then go ahead and use the lightweight silencer.

That’s it for Best MP7 Build-In XDefiant Beta. stay tuned for more X defiant Tips and Tricks article right here.

Featured image via Ubisoft.

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