Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — 10 Best Fuse Materials in TotK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom With the best Fuse materials you can create not only fantastic but also powerful weapons. Fusion is an awesome mechanic that allows you to significantly boost stats like ATK and DEF. Our guide provides you with a list of the 10 best fusion materials DeadKincluding the locations of the monsters, enemies, and bosses they drop.

Best backup materials in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Silver Lynel Horns

There are some bosses Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Drop extraordinary fuse materials that can instantly double or triple the damage of your weapons. The first entry in our list of the best Tears of the Kingdom Fuse materials are the ultra-rare and very powerful materials Silver Lynelswhich drop two types of horns: saber horns and mace horns.

Saber horns add a +55 ATK Bonus for your weapon while mace horns add one +51 ATK Bonus. Both are dropped by the same enemy, but defeating them can be very difficult.

Silver Lynels have 90 ATK and 5,000 HP. You can find them in a few locations and in our guide on the best backup items for Master Sword explains in detail where to find Silver Lynels and how to defeat them.

Gibdo Horns

If you want to improve your bow and arrow, Gibdo Horns are the best fusion materials that add +40 ATK to your arrows. Enemies they drop include:

  • Gibdo
  • Moth Gibdo
  • Queen Gibdo

The weakest and easiest to defeat is the Moth Gibdo, which only has 40 HP. Because Moth Gibdos stay in the air and never land, you’ll need a ranged weapon to defeat him. Finding these enemies can be tedious as Moth Gibdo are extremely rare. I found her throughout Gerudo Underground Cemetery (-4103, -3739, -0464). Go there and drop a Travel Medallion to easily teleport back.

Silver Moblin Horns

It’s likely that you won’t be able to defeat the Silver Lynels early in the game. So if you’re having trouble defeating them, the next best option would be to search for the Silver Moblins. These enemies will drop horns with you +33 ATK Bonus. While not as strong as Lynels, they are still quite impressive with 59 ATK power and 1,080 HP. You can find Silver Moblins in the following locations:

  • Cresia Pit Mine (3263, -3703, -0446)
  • Scorching Colosseum (2144, 3183, -0838)

Silver bokoblin horns

Silver Bokoblins might look funny with their clownish horns, but they’re even stronger than Black Bokoblins. Believe me, I found out the hard way. They have 43 ATK and 730 HP, but once defeated they drop Silver Bokoblin Horns that add one +31 ATK Bonus to your weapons. You can find Silver Bokoblins at the following coordinates:

  • Gerudo Canyon Mine (-4228, -0447, -0898)
  • Malin Bay (4231, 1814, 0125)

Gleeok Horns

Gleeoks are three-headed flying monsters that appear in the game in four different versions, including:

  • Flame Gleeok
  • Thunder Gleeok
  • Frost Gleeok
  • King Gleeok
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They all drop Gleeok horns that add +30 ATK Energy for your Fused weapon and you can find it by following our guide on the best backup items for Master Sword.

If you don’t want to fight these huge creatures with 8,000 HP each and are willing to spend 4 Bubbul gems, you can buy Gleeok horns at Koltin shop at Tarreytown (3966, 1611, 0128).

Black Boss Bokoblin Horns

The leader of the Bokoblins is the huge Black Boss Bokoblin with 47 ATK and 750 HP. He wields a huge club and is supported by hordes of smaller bokoblins. However, once defeated, he drops a Hron that adds +27 ATK Bonus damage for your weapon.

You can find this monster in East Necludabetween Lake Sumac and Walnot Mountain, at coordinates (3878, -1912, 0001).

Black Hinox horns

Black Hinox is just as dangerous as the Black Boss Bokoblin DeadK, but it occurs in more places. It has 60 ATK and 1,000 HP, so be prepared for a fight. Black Hinox Horns have the same effect as Black Boss Bokoblin Horns, plus +27 ATK to your weapon. Here are three confirmed locations to find Black Hinox DeadK:

  • Meadela’s coat (-4205, -1292, 0429)
  • Jia Highland (1562, -2416, 0193)
  • Labyrinth island of Lomei (4603, 3530, -0065)

Black Lizalfos horns

Black Lizalfos are very agile lizard creatures that are quite weak compared to the other creatures we’ve featured in our best so far DeadK List of backup materials. It only has 288 hp so I found it easy to beat in comparison. However, their horns are quite useful, he adds +26 ATK Power for a fusion weapon. You can find them at:

  • Cliff Bargainer statue (-1033, 2690, -0266)
  • Drena Canyon Mine (-1107, 2089, -0574)

Dinraal Horns

Surprisingly, Dinraal Dragons aren’t as powerful as Gleeok, but they’re still very dangerous. You don’t want to get in the way of their fire attacks.

They can only be found in Eastern Akkala Plains (4048, 2163, 0001). I recommend bringing fireproof armor or fireproof elixir. Once the creature is defeated, it will drop its Dinraal horns that add +24 ATK to every weapon.


Unless you’re particularly keen on being burned by dragons or fighting other tough enemies, but just want to boost your ATK, mining diamonds is the safest method. These gems add +25 ATK They give energy to your weapon and can also be found in treasure chests. Here are some locations:

  • Hyrule Castle (-0254, 0762, 0088)
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine (-3497, 1849, -0416)

These are the best backup materials ever The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. stay tuned for more Tears of the Kingdom Tips and Tricks article here.

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