Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — 10 Strongest Fuse Weapons

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The strongest fuse weapons will help you defeat every enemy and obstacle in your way. There are over 50 possible weapon fusions Tears of the KingdomAs such, finding the best options can be overwhelming. Our guide below lists the 10 most powerful incendiary weapons DeadKSo you have a handful to choose from while also finding ways to build your own!

Best fusion weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom listed

Blue Horriblin Hammer

  • attack: 47
  • merger: Two-handed weapon + Blue Horriblin Horn

The DeadK The Blue Horriblin Hammer is the most powerful fusion weapon in the world Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. To craft it you need to get a Blue Horriblin Horn from the Blue Horriblin Monster. You can find these enemies inside Hyrule Caves And Depths of Death Mountain (Northeast Eldin).

Blue Horriblins have 20 ATK and 106 HP. They are much stronger than the Red Horriblins and have higher stamina and physical defenses. Also watch out as they hurl big rocks at you. When defeated, they drop the Horriblin Blue Horn, Horriblin Claw, and Horriblin Guts.

Mighty Stick Scimitar

  • attack: 45
  • merger: One-handed weapon + gnarled wooden staff

If you don’t want to use a two-handed weapon, craft the Mighty-Stick Scimitar, which is the best one-handed weapon out there DeadK.

To fuse it, you need a gnarled wooden stick, which can only be found in a handful of treasure chests in the game. After some trial and error I found one in Eastern Hyrule in between Akkala Waterfalls And Kaepora Pass at coordinates 3934, 1188, 0353. This item can also be used to craft spiked, boulder, and hopping weapons, all of which can be useful.

Blue Moblin Destroyer

  • attack: 45
  • merger: Two-handed weapon + Blue Moblin Horn

The next weapon of our strongest fuse weapons in DeadK is the Blue Moblin Smasher that requires the Blue Moblin Monster’s horn. You can find these creatures everywhere Hyrule field And Eldin Gorge on the surface.

Blue Moblins have 23 ATK and 144 HP. These monsters are very strong indeed, as they will try to pierce you with their horns or shoot at you from afar, dealing 10 ranged damage. Once defeated, they drop blue Moblin Horns, Moblin Fangs, and Moblin Guts.

Blue Boko Blade

  • attack: 39
  • merger: One-Handed Weapon + Blue Bokoblin Horn

If you still can’t defeat Blue Moblins, I highly recommend doing Blue Boko Blade instead. This weapon comes from the horns of Blue Bokoblins, which are much easier to defeat than Moblins and Horriblins. These monsters roam around same territories as the Blue Moblins.

Blue Bokoblins have 11 ATK and 77 HP. Just like Blue Moblins, these monsters have really sharp horns and low ranged damage. Although they are stronger than the Red Bokoblins, you shouldn’t have any trouble defeating them.

Captain III Spear

  • attack: 36
  • merger: Spear + Captain Construct III Horn

Spear weapons fans will not get a better option for the strongest DeadK Fusion Spear as the Captain III Spear. Install the Captain Construct III Horn Tears of the Kingdom however, can be very difficult. Captain Constructs are among the toughest opponents in the game. They can be found roaming around Typhlo Ruins (Northern Hyrule) and Lanayru Sky Archipelago.

The elite opponent Captain Construct III has 30 ATK and 380 HP. Created using Zonai technology, this Construct will drop Zonai Charges in addition to Captain Construct III Horns upon defeat.

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Blue Boss Boko halberd

  • attack: 27
  • merger: Spear + Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn

The strongest fusion halberd ever Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom consists of Blue Boss Bokoblin horns. This Bokoblin leader roams the central and eastern areas of Hyrule, such as Hyrule field And Lanayru Great Spring.

Blue Boss Bokoblin has 32 ATK and 400 HP. In terms of difficulty, they can easily be compared to Captain Construct III, but their ranged damage is not as dangerous. They’re usually surrounded by smaller bokoblins, so prepare for some tough fights.

Iron ball sled with spikes

  • attack: 26
  • merger: Spear + spiked iron ball

This is one of the most unusual and powerful fusion weapons out there DeadK. With a massive iron head, it resembles a club more than a spear. You can find spiked iron balls in bokoblin campswhere they serve as traps.

We recommend visiting the Black Boss Bokoblin camp for Spiked Iron Balls, located in East Necluda (3878, -1912, 0001). The only way to deal with Spiked Iron Balls is to use the recall ability, which sends the balls back to where they came from so you can get them.

cannon club

  • attack: 21
  • merger: One-handed weapon + cannon

If you would like to have your own cannon, then here is your chance. To craft this powerful Fuse weapon, you’ll need a cannon from either a treasure chest or one device dispenser. The latter you need to load with Zonai Charges, and one of them should produce a Zonai Pod with the cannon inside.

If you don’t want to delve into the gadget dispensers, here are the exact locations of the chests with cannons:

  • Aris Beach, South Hyrule (2102, -3931, 0132)
  • East Post Ruins, West Necluda (0239, -1648, 0114)
  • Ash Swamp, West Necluda (1908, -1728, 0126)

Wash Slab Guster

  • attack: 21
  • merger: One-handed weapon + Lava Plate

This is one of the easiest fusion weapons you can craft in the game, and it’s pretty powerful compared to other weapons. All you have to do is create a lava plate with water on top of the lava.

Lava can be found in many places, including Kadaunar Shrine, Sky Archipelago of South Eldin (1882, 1203, 1370) or Timawak Shrine, Eldin Canyon (1800, 1640, 0431). Just use the fire hydrant to cover the flowing lava with cold water and wait a bit before it hardens to absorb it.

Flux Core I Pulverizer

  • attack: 17
  • merger: One-Handed Weapon + Flux Construct I Core

Zonai Fusion Weapons can be very powerful if you manage to get certain items from rare enemies, such as Flux Constructs. There is an area where you can find them: Temple of Time, Great Sky Island (0453, -0810, 1451).

Flux Constructs are huge enemies with 360 HP. They can transform into different shapes and rearrange their cubes. You can remove these cubes with the Ultrahand ability until you have completely dismantled this enemy into pieces.

These are the 10 most powerful fusion weapons in the world The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. stay tuned for more Tears of the Kingdom Tips and Tricks article here.

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