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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Aid From Above puzzle will likely make Link appear like an action star or a spy as you make your way through the Sahirow Shrine. Hell, I could even feel some resident Evil Mood (the first movie, not the games) in it DeadK Riddles about a specific moment. Here is our complete guide to help you solve the Sahirov Shrine Help from Above puzzle Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Sahirow Shrine Aid From Above Puzzle Solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Location of Sahirov Shrine

The DeadK Sahirov Shrine is located just east of the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower in the Hebra region. The best way I’ve found is to use the launch pad and face west where you’ll see the shrine on a ridge.

The only problem is that the Hebra region is freezing cold. Therefore, you should wear cold-resistant clothing or eat meals that provide warmth on the way there Tears of the Kingdom Puzzle.

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TotK Sahirow Shrine Aid From Above Puzzle Walkthrough

When you reach them Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom During the Aid From Above puzzle in the Sahirov Shrine, you’ll notice that the place is full of lasers. Accidentally hitting one will set off a trap, collapsing the ground and sending Link to his downfall. This is how I solved this riddle.

First aid from above. puzzle solving

For the first part of DeadK In the Aide From Above puzzle, simply jump over the first laser and then duck for the next set. You can then climb some crates to slide past the others.

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Second Sahirov laser puzzle solution and chest

During this section you should come to a fork Tears of the Kingdom Sahirov riddle. Don’t bother with the corridor on the left for now.

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Go right instead. You’ll see a laser, some blocks, and a barred gate. Bounce over the laser and grab a block with Ultrahand. Move it so that it blocks the laser beam.

This will not only collapse that section of ground (which won’t bother you). However, it will also open the gate in that part of Sahirov Shrine. This will allow you to open a Puzzle Reward Chest containing a Spicy Elixir. Put the block back in its original place, then hop over the laser again to continue DeadK Help from above puzzle.

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Third laser puzzle solution

Now go to the opposite corridor of the Sahirov Shrine for this last part DeadK Help from above puzzle. As you progress you will notice laser traps moving towards you. For each trap, do the following:

  • Jump over the laser beam.
  • Crouch under the laser beam.
  • And surprisingly, it’s a whole bunch of lasers (just like in resident Evil)! In this section you have to wait until the overhang is close enough and then jump off Rising up appear above. This is the only way to avoid the laser array trap.
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In any case, that’s why DeadK The Sahirov Shrine Puzzle is named Aid From Above. The help you receive from above is merely a cap that will allow you to use your ascension ability and reach the altar for the light of blessings.

Once you complete the above steps, the task will be complete Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Aid From Above puzzle for Sahirov Shrine. This is just one of many Shrine Challenges for you to solve. You can find more tips and walkthroughs on our Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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