Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Alignment of the Circles Shrine Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Alignment of Circles puzzle at Kyokugon Shrine can be found fairly early in the game, but it might not be worth getting there until you’ve completed the main quest objectives in Eldin. This guide will tell you how to find Kyokugon Shrine Tears of the Kingdom and how to complete it once arrived.

I found it almost imperative that Link be able to wield the power of the mighty Goron before attempting to find this hidden challenge.

Kyokugon Shrine: Alignment of Circles Puzzle Solving in TotK

Location of Kyokugon Shrine

You can find this shrine in a cave near the Great Plateau North Chasm under Coordinates (-0710, -1550, 0006). The quickest way I’ve found to get here is to drive to Hyrule Field Tower and then walk south. You’ll know you’re near the right cave when you see Addison trying to put up one of President Hudson’s signs.

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Once you’ve spotted the Great Plateau Foothill Cave here, you’ll find that the path forward is blocked with boulders. There are layers of rock here that you shouldn’t waste bombs on or pound on with weapon durability. You can, but I came here after completing Fire Temple and found it easy to use Yunobo’s ability to easily breach this rock tunnel.

On the way to the shrine you will encounter some Horriblins in the cave. Defeat them and keep going as it’s quite a linear path and you’ll arrive at Kyokugon Shrine before long.

Walkthrough of Kyokugon Shrine puzzle to align the circles

Once you enter the shrine, all you have to do is solve one big puzzle. There are 10 indentations on the floor where you can throw metal balls. There are four balls that you need to place in the right places. To find out the solution, just look at the ceiling.

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You can see that there are four green circles on the ceiling reflecting where to place the balls. Do as in the photo above and the door to the shrine’s reward chamber will open. But before you leave the shrine, be sure to look around this chamber The chest of the shrine.

Location of the Kyokugon Shrine Chest

In this room, look to the right to see a gate door that leads to a room with the chest. Right next to it is another ball on a pedestal. Use Ultrahand to see that one of the nearby floor tiles can be raised. Underneath is a secret indentation where you can place an orb. This will open the gate.

You won’t regret it because the chest contains one Hearty Elixirwhich fully restores your health and gives you bonus hearts to top it all off.

That’s the end of it Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Puzzles to align the circles in Kyokugon Shrine. For more walkthroughs and more tips and tricks, check out our Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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