Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — All Ability Locations in TotK

During your playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll acquire eight different abilities that you can use to explore the kingdom of Hyrule and take on different enemies and shrines. These skills are added to your skill wheel as you unlock them. This includes:

  • Ultrahand
  • fuse
  • Rising up
  • Recall
  • Fast card
  • camera
  • auto build
  • amiibo

Of course there are some skills like that camera are purely utilitarian, but are each unlocked through progression in the main story. The only exception here is amiibo, which appears on your skill wheel at the beginning of the game. Here’s how and where to unlock each skill Tears of the Kingdom.

How to unlock Ultrahand in TotK

Ultrahand location in Tears of the Kingdom
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Link’s Ultrahand ability is unlocked when you enter this Ukouh Shrine At Great Sky Island. This is the first shrine you can complete Tears of the Kingdomand you’ll need the help of Link’s new ability to do it.

If you’re like me, mastering Ultrahand probably starts with a trial-and-error phase in which you make some remarkably useless inventions. To successfully solve the shrine, use Ultrahand to create bridges and pulleys everywhere.

How to unlock backup in TotK

Save location in Tears of the Kingdom
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Fuse is the second ability you unlock Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomobtained by typing In-isa Shrine At Great Sky Island. To get there, you must use Link’s Ultrahand ability. So don’t forget what you learned at the last shrine.

Upon entering, Rauru will grant you the Fuse ability. Fuse the sword and arrows you find inside with other materials scattered around the shrine to solve the problem – and don’t ignite yourself with the fire fruit arrows like I did.

How to unlock Ascend in TotK

Ascension location in Tears of the Kingdom
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You will unlock the ascension ability at the third and, in my experience, easiest shrine Great Sky Island. While the first two prompted you to get creative with Link’s new abilities, this is Gutanbac Shrine All that is required is the timed use of Ascend to reach different rooms.

Getting to this shrine can be difficult if you are not prepared to face the freezing temperatures. So take every opportunity to prepare a meal spicy peppers along the way.

How to unlock recall in TotK

Remember the Tears of the Kingdom location
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Unlocking Link’s fourth ability, Recall, is a little different than learning his other abilities.

Zelda grants Link the Recall ability. Temple of Time, but it’s not enough to open the door. Instead, Link must complete one final shrine: the Nachoyah Shrine in the room of awakening At Great Sky Island. In order to solve the puzzles here, you need to time your use of Recall appropriately. To finish, you have to synchronize the two hands of a clock that controls a door to the exit.

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How to unlock Fast Map in TotK

Fast map in Tears of the Kingdom
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To unlock the Fast Map Tears of the Kingdomyou must complete the first three shrines Great Sky Island. That means you should have Ultrahand, Fuse, and Ascend as well as three of them lights of blessing. Upon completion, Rauru will show you how to fast travel between shrines via the map on your device Purah Pad.

How to unlock camera in TotK

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To unlock the camera Tears of the Kingdom, you must first complete the tutorial phase on the Isle of Big Sky and begin the main story on the surface of Hyrule. The camera will be added to your skill wheel when you meet robbie In Vantage Point Landing and complete his quest with the title Camera work in depth.

How to unlock autobuild in TotK

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Once you have access to it The deeps In Tears of the Kingdomyou can unlock autobuild by completing a tutorial described by a researcher and a Build in the Large abandoned central mine. Essentially, once you’re able to do that, Autobuild allows you to build anything you’ve previously built on command. All you have to do is select the device from your history and pay some Zonaite for it.

With Link’s complete abilities, you can explore the kingdom of Hyrule on a much larger scale and get your hands on collectibles and armor sets. Not to mention that you can complete a long list of enemies and quests. More information about links DeadK Abilities and shrines, check out ours The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hub.

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