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Find the best DeadK Early game armor can trigger discussions. There are over 40 armor sets The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but choosing the best of the best depends on many factors. However, you still need to protect Link from the start, so we’ve compiled a list of the top ones Tears of the Kingdom Early armor to help you get through your first steps in Hyrule. Our guide also includes the exact locations and coordinates.

Best early game armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Archaic warm greaves

The very first piece of DeadK The armor you should get is the Archaic Warm Greaves. Not only is it the first armor you can find in the game (it’s in the Sky Islands tutorial), but it also grants you cold resistance, which is vital for traversing the frigid lands around Hyrule.

Here is how to put on cold resistant armor Tears of the Kingdom For more information on how to obtain archaic warm greaves and our guide, visit how to get full archaic armor set.

Climbing gear armor set

Once you land on the surface of the Kingdom of Hyrule, we recommend that you get the Climbing Gear Armor Set as soon as possible. It doesn’t just improve your defense stats And Provides cold resistance but also increases your rate of climb on most slippery slopes.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a penny to get all three pieces of this armor set. Here is how to get the climbing gear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Hylian armor set

Number three on our list of best early game armor DeadK is the Hylian set. If you have already made some rupees and are willing to spend them, then travel to the Armor Shop in Lookout Landing (-0208, 0083, 0019) and buy the Hylian armor set.

  • Hylian Hood (70 Rupees)
  • Hylian tunic (130 rupees)
  • Hylian pants (120 Rupees)

Each piece of the Hylian armor set has a base defense value of 3, for a total of 9 DEF. It will only cost you 320 rupees in total, which is a great deal Tears of the Kingdom early game.

Barbarian armor set

Once you become familiar with the areas surrounding Lookout Landing, you can get much better armor for free. The Barbarian armor set provides a charged Attack Stamina bonus for collecting and equipping all three pieces. Here you can find them all:

  • Barbarian Legwraps (Walnot Mountain Cave, East Necluda: 3931, -2068, 0129)
  • barbarian helmet (Robred Dropoff Cave, West Necluda: 2487, -1467, 0013)
  • barbarian armor (Crenel Hills Cave, Hyrule Field: 0484, 0729, 0041)
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Each piece of barbarian armor can be found in a chest at the end of each cave. Note that the chest piece is hidden behind a pile of breakable rocks.

Zora armor set

The DeadK The Zora armor set is also known as the “swimming set” because it increases your swimming speed if you collect and equip all three pieces together. Unlike the other best early games Tears of the Kingdom Armor sets, this one is much harder to find. The parts are spread all over the map. Here you can find them:

  1. Talk to Yona under Zora’s domain (Lanayru Great Spring: 3331, 0545, 0243).
  2. Complete “Zora armor restoration” main task.
  3. Return to Yona to get this Zora Chest Armor.
  4. Talk to Yona again to start.A sign of friendship” side quest.
  5. Receive Zora Greaves as a reward at Ancient Zora Waterworks (Lanayru Great Spring: 3595, 0342, 0211).
  6. go back to Zora’s doamin and talk to Khira and Chroma.
  7. Find the Zora helmet on Floating Scales Island (4073, 0530, 0604).

Floating Scales Island is east of Sky Wellspring Island. You can easily reach it via the paraglider.

Leather clothing of the champion

The last piece of the best DeadK For the early game armor we recommend, it is a single chest piece that is not part of a set: The Champions Leathers. It has an excellent base stat of 5 DEF. How to get it:

  1. achieve that Hyrule Castle (-0254, 1092, 0456).
  2. Enter the throne room.
  3. To do this, use any fire source, e.g. B. a firearm Light up the two fire pits in the room.
  4. This action opens the Grave with the chest inside.
  5. Open the chest and pick it up Leather of the Champion.

These are the best early game armor sets The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. stay tuned for more Tears of the Kingdom Tips and Tricks article here.

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