Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Hateno Village Location Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Hateno Village location is one of the more remote areas in the game. If you want the full Royal Armor set, a fancy hat, and a window in the far south-east of the map, you’ll need to find the area. Our guide will tell you where to find the location in Hateno Village DeadK and the best way to get there.

How to find Hateno Village in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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You can find the Hateno Village location in the extreme southeast of the Kingdom of Hyrule, near the coast of the Necluda region. To the north are Mount Lanayru and Mount Lanyru Skyview Tower. To the southwest is Mount Taran and the Rabella Wetland Skyview Tower.

The best way to Hateno Village in TotK

I found the quickest way to reach Hateno DeadK is to travel south Green Village and go east through the swamps. There is a path that will take you there.

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When you reach the village of Hateno, you’ll want to activate that Zanmik Shrine for easier access to the city unless you’re playing without Fast travel.

After acquiring the Ultrahand ability and repairing Robbie’s hot air balloon, you can access the Hateno Research Laboratory. Robbie provides the Journey Medallion, Sensor+, and access to the Hero’s Path map feature if you meet the requirements.

Reede and Cece: Mayoral election in the village of Hateno

Hateno Village also has an ongoing conflict between its current mayor, Reede, and fashion designer Cece. The latter acts as an armor dealer for the city. You must complete a potentially multi-quest chain related to a mayoral election to gain full access to Cece’s inventory while shaping the future of the village.

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The quest reminded me of one of the more complicated early quests in The witcher 3. There you must settle a group of competing winemakers, only to find the two are not as at odds as they think they are.

You can also visit the dye works in Hateno. In the shop you can change the color of your clothes, but also the design of your clothes paragliderif you want to use other designs.

And this is how you reach the Hateno Village location Tears of the Kingdom. Although it’s a fairly remote area, the rewards you can earn are well worth your time. If you need more help with the latest information The Legend of Zelda series, check out our guides to the games 12 best side quests, how to defeat hinox bossesand more inside our DeadK guides hub.

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