Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Complete the Gutanbac Shrine on Snow Mountain

To get the power you need to open the Temple of Time door, you need to know how to complete the Gutanbac Shrine. The third mystery shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it is also the simplest. The biggest hurdle you will face is getting into the area on the Schneeberg in the first place. But once you’ve made it and solved Gutanbac’s puzzle, you’re three quarters of the way there DeadK tutorial.

Tears of the Kingdom Gutanbac Shrine Walkthrough

The easiest way to reach Gutanbac Shrine is to come from there DeadK‘s second shrine location, In Isa. Just follow the critical path from this shrine to the east. You’ll cross a river and through several caves before arriving at coordinates (0709,-1381,1584). Use the roots at the cave entrance to climb up.

Once you enter the Gutenbac Shrine, meet Rauru again and he will give you this ascension ability, which allows you to climb through the bottom of almost any object. It’s the key to solving the puzzles here and receiving your third light of blessing. Don’t worry: I’ve found their solutions to be quick and easy, and you will too.

How to solve Gutanbac Shrine riddles

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Once you have the Ascend ability, head down the stairs and stand under the overhang in front of you. Open your skill wheel, select level up, then look up. On the ceiling above you will see a green grid. Use the ability to go from bottom to top.

Next, go forward and to the right. You will see two blocks on the wall. Go under the shorter block on the left to get a chest, then jump down and go under the taller block. Level up with it.

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In the next area you will see a ramp attached to two cables. Turn right and push the crates out of the way. Climb up to the platform to get another chest.

Now shoot the cables holding the ramp with your bow and arrow to make it fall. The easiest way is to shoot the curls instead of the ropes themselves. Now go under the ramp and use Ascend again.

In the next area you will see a platform moving from left to right. Climb up, then plan your ascent to pass through the block above as the platform below moves. Go to the altar in front of you and get your next Light of Blessing.

And so the Gutanbac Shrine will be completed Tears of the Kingdom. Luckily, solving the puzzles is easy as the road to the snowy mountain resort can be both brutal and tedious. Now it’s back to the Temple of Time to open the door, solve more puzzles and find one final shrine (surprise!). For more help on your adventures through Hyrule, visit our DeadK Travel guides page.

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