Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Complete the Nachoya Shrine

Conclude The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Nachoya Shrine is the last thing you do in the tutorial section of the game. You’re almost past the Sky Isles and in Hyrule. The Nachoya Shrine puzzles are relatively easy to solve, but you can die here if you’re not careful. Here’s our walkthrough to get the last light of blessing you need.

Tears of the Kingdom Nachoya Shrine walkthrough

Since you unlocked fast travel after completing and opening the other three shrines the temple of time, use it to jump to Nachoya Shrine in the southern part of the map. It is at coordinates (0388, -1660, 2299).

How to solve Nachoya Shrine puzzles

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When you arrive at the coordinate location, you will be puzzled even before you reach Nachoya Shrine. And it can be frustrating.

Use Recall to reverse the turning mechanisms and jump to a ledge to the left of it. This can be tricky, and I fell under the mechanisms several times before reaching the ledge. I found that stopping the mechanism with the platform pointing straight down gave me enough time to run, jump and land on it.

Once you cross the bridge, follow the path through the tunnel. Eventually you will reach the Nachoya Shrine itself on the right side, in a larger part of the cave. At Nachoya Shrine, you will be confronted with a series of puzzles involving water and rafts. Don’t fall into the water or you will die.

Nachoya Shrine Puzzles 1 and 2 Solutions: Rafts

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For the first puzzle, wait until a raft almost sinks beneath you, then use rewind to change direction. Get on board and let yourself be carried across the water. Do the same on the other side so you can raft up to the waterfall. Don’t worry if the raft goes underwater here. Link takes no damage.

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Turn back the large brass gear in the top left to access a chest. Jump into the pool below, then go to the door opposite the brass gear. This leads to the end of Nachoya Shrine and is the last puzzle standing in your way.

Nachoya Shrine Puzzle 3 Solution: Clock hands

You will notice two large clock hands moving in opposite directions. Crossing either the top (12 o’clock) or bottom (6 o’clock) momentarily opens the gate leading to the end of the sanctuary. To solve this puzzle, wait until the hands almost meet at 12, then use Recall on the back hand. Then send it correctly. This should keep the hands together and keep the door open while rotating in one direction.

Go to the altar and get the last light of blessing. Now you have four of these that you can use to upgrade your hearts, adding a heart to your health bar. Travel back to the temple by traveling to Ukough Shrine. Pray to the goddess statue by the door to strengthen your hearts. Then open the door and make your way to Hyrule.

How to complete Nachoya Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and solve the puzzles. For more tips and walkthroughs, see our Tears of the Kingdom guides page.

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