Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Complete the Ukough Shrine

Know how to complete Ukough Shrine The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is just the first step on your long journey through the Sky Islands to Hyrule. In many ways, this shrine acts as a tutorial for the game’s puzzles and abilities. Unlike some of the other early shrines you’ll come across, this one can actually be a bit difficult to solve. Here is our Ukough Shrine walkthrough.

Tears of the Kingdom Ukough Shrine walkthrough

Once you are reached the door of the Temple of Time and find that you can’t open it, Rauru appears. After a short chat, they mark the location of Ukough Shrine on your map. It is located west/southwest of the Temple of Time at coordinates (0274, -0913, 1460).

There are a few enemies along the way, including one with a bow that you’ll want to pick up. “The enemy is on the left side of the path after you come down from the Temple of Time.”

How to solve the ukough shrine puzzles

Once you’ve scaled the cliff to reach Ukough Shrine, interact with the sigil to open a portal door in the rock. Inside, you will meet Rauru again and learn about the Shrines of Light. More importantly, you get the Ultrahand ability, which can be used to solve the Ukough Shrine puzzles.

Ukough Shrine Puzzle 1 Solution

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Use your new ability to move forward and use it to pick up the stone slab on the right. Use the plate to cross the gap. I created a simple ramp by dropping the slab into the gap at an angle, but you can find another solution. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done (above).

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Ukough Shrine Puzzle 2 solution

Now you face another gap with two stone slabs on the right side. I bridged this gap by building another ramp. However, the opposite side is slightly higher than your location, so you need to do this Fasten the stone slabs with the ultra hand.

To do this, I dropped one panel flat into the gap and then placed the other panel upright on top. Once the plates are close enough together, the Attach action prompt will appear.

Ukough Shrine Puzzle 3 solution

Cross the large room while going left and you’ll come to a pillar with a steel bar that acts as a zipline, traversing a much larger and deeper area. There are several building items along the wall to the left of the pillar.

Take the large, square piece of wood and lay it flat on the ground. Then pick up the iron hook from the ground and attach it, hook side up, to the center of the wooden square. This forms a platform. Take the fused piece and attach it to the steel bar. Jump on it quickly, as it will start moving along the bar and across the gap, leaving you behind if you’re not quick enough.

On the other side, interact with the seal on the altar to get a Light of Blessing.

And this is how you complete the Ukough Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom and solve its puzzles. You must complete three Lights of Blessing to gain the power to open the Temple of Time door. Next it starts the In Isa Shrine. For more on Link’s latest adventure, check out our larger one DeadK Travel guides page.

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