Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Defeat the Flux Construct I

It doesn’t take long to find a boss in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You will encounter Flux Construct I high in the snowy regions of the Great Sky Island on your way to the third shrine. While it certainly won’t be the most difficult fight in Link’s journey to defeating the Demon King Ganondorf, it will be one of your first real combat challenges. Here’s how to defeat it.

How to beat Flux Construct I in Tears of the Kingdom

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Flux Construct I sits on a platform with a rotating turret with a red searchlight emanating from the top. Use Ultrahand to move the floating block close to get onto the larger platform, then run toward the tower of blocks that will quickly come to life, forming the Construct. His first attack is to fly over to you and try to hit you with two blocky fists. Run straight away from it or around to one side to avoid damage because it costs two and a half hearts.

To defeat Flux Construct I, you need to damage its core, the glowing green block underneath all the non-glowing brown ones. It can cause the core to block any part of itself. So you’ll have to alternate between using arrows and melee weapons to defeat him.

All Flux Construct I attacks

The Construct has four main attacks, and each one offers an opportunity to deal damage. After hitting the core enough times with arrows or melee weapons, the whole thing falls apart for a moment, giving you a chance to deal free damage. Be careful not to get hit by the blocks as you fall or you will take damage. Ask me how I know.

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Here are all Flux Construct I attacks:

slam rush

When the construct opens, it breaks into individual blocks, charges at you and smashes the ground with its “hands”. Run away or to the side to avoid the damage, then charge back towards the core as it recovers on the ground.


If the construct reforms while you’re near it, it will stomp 3 or 4 times, creating a small shockwave like the Slam Rush. As before, you can avoid the attack by running away. Throw arrows at the boss while he throws a tantrum.


The construct transforms into a platform and throws non-core blocks at you in groups of five. Run straight left or right to avoid getting hit, as the blocks move slowly enough to dodge. At this stage, you can only damage the core with arrows, but three or four hits will collapse the construct.

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The construct forms into a giant cube and slowly rolls toward you. This attack isn’t dangerous from afar, but up close it can hit you with a single shot. My only death against this boss was from being too close to the cube shape and getting crushed.

Whenever you get a chance to damage the Flux Construct I with a melee weapon, you have time for almost ten attacks with a light weapon, a rusty broadsword. Heavier weapons deal more damage but have less successful attacks. While arrows don’t do much damage, they’re a surefire way to land some hits from a safe distance.

However, if you can see the core’s eye, you can score a critical hit with an arrow by hitting the eye itself. In return, the critical “ping” sound and additional damage can be heard.

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As long as you’re always on the move and know where its core lies, the Flux Construct I is a tough but not overwhelming fight. Don’t worry if you die once or twice. You don’t have many tools yet, or many hearts to bear your mistakes. Patience, caring, and a bit of aggression where appropriate will bring you victory.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a huge game, and we’ll cover it all here. So stay tuned to our TotK guide hub for more.

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