Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Explore Royal Hidden Passage

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Royal Hidden Passage is a location available early in the campaign that offers both tricky challenges and rewarding loot. Here’s our guide to exploring the Royal Hidden Passage in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the royal hidden passage in TotK

Location of the Royal Hidden Passage

The DeadK The Royal Hidden Passage is located in the emergency shelter in Lookout Landing. There is a narrow crawl space within the hub itself, but it may not be available when you first visit the area. Instead, speak to Purah, which will take you on a brief quest to speak to Captain Hoz in the gatehouse (more on that in a bit).

Upon returning to the shelter, an NPC will tell you about a strange noise coming from inside. Go through the opening and you are at the starting point.

Tips for exploring the Royal Hidden Passage

It’s definitely worth exploring Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Royal Hidden Passage. This is due to a multitude of treats and discoveries. Note that entire tunnel sections are blocked by boulders.

You can destroy these by casting Fuse on a melee weapon and combining it with a rock, boulder, or other large blunt object that can destroy obstacles. Alternatively, you can also throw bomb flowers when you have enough Finally, it is possible to use the skills that you get after completing the main quests “Regional Phenomena of Eldin and/or Gerudo”.

What can you find in the Royal Hidden Passage?

You can get a lot of loot there Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Royal Hidden Passage. Due to the vastness of the site, I won’t go into detail on every guide or point, but here are a few examples:

  • You will find a to your right Horned Statue This allows you to turn your heart into endurance and vice versa.
  • Go deeper and you will see an underground lake. There is also a cairn with several derelict weapons. If you destroy all stones, a Constant (i.e. Zombie Hinox) will appear.
  • As you continue towards the castle ruins and the main thoroughfare, you’ll find that you’re in the underground part of the area you were visiting when you spoke to Captain Hoz.
  • This underground part is teeming with enemies. Still, you could get weapons, shields, and even pieces of armor from the Royal Guard.
  • If you want to take a breather, you can use Ascend whenever you spot a low ceiling. This will eventually allow you to reach the surface.
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The Tears of the Kingdom Royal Hidden Passage is just one special place you can visit in this huge game. For other challenges and mechanics you can visit ours Zelda DeadK guides hub.

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