Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Farm Lynel Guts in TotK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lynel Guts Farm is a quick way to get some of the most useful materials in the game. They can be used to upgrade various armor types, as well as to brew a number of important elixirs. Our guide tells you where to grow Lynel Guts DeadKand list all the ways you can use them.

Where to grow Lynel Guts in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Lynel Guts are dropped by four types of Lynel creatures, including:

  • Common red-maned lynx.
  • blue-maned lynx.
  • White-maned Lynel.
  • Silver Lynel.

Since Silver Lynels are extremely rare, I would recommend using the common Red Mane, Blue Mane, and White Mane variants to farm Lynel Guts as it is much easier and less tiring. They’re also a lot easier to kill than the silver ones, so that’s always a plus.

You could Use the Sensor+ gadget from the Hateno Village Research Lab and set it to track down the Lynel Guts as you make your way through the Kingdom of Hyrule. However, I don’t recommend this method as it takes a lot longer than if you knew exactly where to find Lynels.

These beasts typically roam the southern and southeastern areas of Hyrule as per the map above, but we can show you more precise locations to make things quicker.

Totk Lynel Guts Farming Locations

Here are the exact coordinates of each creature so you can find them quickly and get the most out of them Tears of the Kingdom Lynel Guts in no time.

Locations of the red-maned lynx

  • Illuminati Plateau (-3378, 0030, 0095)
  • Tanagar Canyon (-2170, 1552, 0218)
  • Tama Pond (-2799, 1840, 0309)
  • North Akkala Valley (3681, 2959, 0028)
  • Hebrew West Summit (-4515, 2676, 0001)
  • Floating Colosseum (-1439, -1262, -0485)
  • Large Abandoned Central Mine (0253, -1187, -0473)

Locations of the blue-maned lynx

  • Hebra West Summit (-4536, 2683, 0229)
  • Stalry Plateau (-1463, -2708, 0142)
  • Nautelle Wetlands (-0590, -3834, 0051)
  • Harfin Valley (0098, -3367, 0006)
  • Millennium Sandbar (1996, -0307, ​​0010)
  • Rabia Plane (2501, -0519, 0115)
  • Lanayru Heights (2661, -0946, 0224)
  • Abandoned Kara-Kara Mine (-2799, -2238, -0482)
  • Minshi Grove (1041, 1124, -0474)
  • Abandoned Lurelin Mine (1585, -3496, -0512)
  • Abandoned Lanayru Mine (2604, 1145, -0597)
  • Old Underground Fortress (3150, 1693, -0650)
  • Floating Colosseum (-1109, -1305, -0499)
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Locations of the white-mane lynx

  • Risoka Snowfield (-4445, -0989, 0508)
  • Kamah Plateau (1464, -3036, 0207)
  • On the Plains (3877, 0951, 0249)
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine (-1603, 2523, -0684)
  • Forgotten Foundation (-0246, 0792, -1090)
  • Large Abandoned Central Mine (0500, -3457, -0500)
  • Bubinga Grove (1761, -1926, -0463)
  • Floating Colosseum (-1207, -1278, -0499)

Silver Lynel Locations

  • Abandoned Kakariko Mine (1084, -0267, -0466)
  • Floating Colosseum (-1192, -1222, -0499)

How to defeat Lynels quickly

Normally, Lynels are very difficult to defeat, but there is a really easy way to breed Lynels that requires almost no skill at all. Despite the skills I personally have in each game, I prefer finding the simplest methods to get me back to quests or other tasks, and I bet you do too. So once you’ve found a Lynel, regardless of the species, I recommend using the following strategy for easy and quick kills:

  1. Buy as many Puffed Mushrooms as you can from the Bargainer statues in the depths.
  2. Approach a Lynel that you want to conquer.
  3. Drop a Puffed Mushroomcreating a smoke screen that stops Lynel completely.
  4. Attack Lynel with any available weapon. It only reacts when the smoke screen is active.
  5. Throw as many as you can Puffed Mushrooms since you must defeat Lynel.

Use of Lynel Guts in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

DeadK Lynel Guts can be used as an upgrade material for various types of armor, making them much more resilient and durable, including the following parts:

  • Armor of the Savage Deity
  • Boots of the Savage Deity
  • Savage Deity Mask
  • soldier helmet
  • Soldier Greaves
  • soldier armor

Lynel Guts can also be used as ingredients in cooking the following elixirs:

  • Fireproof Elixir
  • Electro Elixir
  • Hasty Elixir
  • Hearty Elixir
  • Mighty Elixir
  • Hard Elixir
  • Energizing Elixir
  • Permanent elixir
  • Spicy Elixir
  • Cool Elixir
  • Sneaky Elixir
  • Bright Elixir
  • Sticky Elixir

That’s all you need to know about how to farm Lynel Guts The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. stay tuned for more DeadK Tips and Tricks article here.

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