Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get Arrows

It wouldn’t be Legend of Zelda Game without bow and arrow, and Tears of the Kingdom offers tons of new ways to make your arrows effective. However, you must have some of it for it to work. Where can you find them? Luckily, there are almost as many ways to fill up your darts as there are to spend them. Here’s how to get arrows in it DeadK.

Where to find arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

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I found that there are more than a dozen ways to find arrows Tears of the Kingdom. But the top three ways to get arrows are:

  • Buy them from merchants.
  • They can be found in crates on the Sky Isles.
  • They are picked up by enemies wielding a bow.

The best way to get arrows in TotK

The best source for arrows in Tears of the Kingdom must be the big crates and barrels that you find on many sky islands. You’ll need something heavy and blunt to break them (I recommend a stick fused to a rock), but at least three arrows will fall in most crates, and sometimes a bundle or two of them. The crates usually come in pairs and are surrounded by smaller barrels, which also drop single arrows when broken.

Other ways to get arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

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Some traveling merchants, town vendors and mostly beadle, which you can find in every stable in Hyrule, sell arrows in groups of five or individually. A single arrow costs 6 Rupees, while a bundle of five costs 20 Rupees.

I do not recommend buying arrows unless you are completely exhausted or running low. Unless you’re overly ambitious and use your arrows as both an exploration and combat tool, you’ll find plenty in your exploration. I managed to run away trying to illuminate the depths, but after exploring the surface of Hyrule for a few hours I again had more than I knew what to do with.

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You can farm arch enemies for arrows. Until they are defeated, they have an infinite supply. Just let her miss you and then pick up the arrow from the ground near your feet. Defeating them often also loses the bow and at least a few arrows, usually a bundle.

Finally, it’s possible to collect your own arrows if you have an idea of ​​where they landed. For example, you can grab your arrows after shooting something like the ramp rope into them the Gutanbac Shrine.

There are other sources of arrows in the game, such as specific shrines scattered throughout caves, dungeons, and the like, but the three main ones featured here are the most consistent. For more help at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomcheck out our guides how to dodge and parry, how one Unlock the gliderand more in our DeadK guides hub.

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