Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get Biggoron’s Sword

DeadK‘s Biggoron’s sword returns from ocarina of time. It’s one of the best two-handed weapons out there The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, can also be used without a fuse to increase performance. Getting Biggoron’s Sword is no easy task: it’s well hidden and well guarded. Here’s our full guide on how to use Biggoron’s Sword Tears of the Kingdom. It will not be easy.

Location of Biggoron’s sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to get Akkala House of Bones for Biggoron’s Sword in TotK

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you will find this Tears of the Kingdom Location of Biggoron’s Sword in Like House of Bones. It is a hidden arena in the northern part of the Eldin region of the Depths, deep beneath the home of Death Mountain and the Gorons.

The easiest way to reach Akkala House of Bones is: Dive the Skull Lake Chasm. Jump through the left eye of Skull Island in Skull Lake. You can also reach Akkala from the depths themselves.

The entrance, however, lies within one of the walls and is protected by four thick walls of fragile stone. With that in mind, I would recommend descending from the top.

The closest Skyview Tower to Skull Lake is the Urli Mountain Skyview Tower. If you don’t have access to this tower or prefer to walk, I recommend approaching it from the west. There are relatively fewer dangers, be it from the weather or from the enemy.

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TotK Biggoron’s Sword: How to Defeat All Enemies in Akkala House of Bones

At the bottom of the Skull Lake Abyss in the Akkala House of Bones, defeat a series of increasingly tough, darkness-stricken skeleton enemies.

  • The first wave consists of a few Bokoblin skeletons.
  • Then there are a few mobile phone, mobile phone skeletons.
  • Then finally there is one Constant.
Escape the darkness in Skull Lake Chasm

Keep in mind that even a single hit from these enemies inflicts gloom and robs you of at least one heart. There could be many more if the attack is strong enough. I had a couple of sunny meals (made with sundelions) that instantly healed the gloom damage I had taken. I recommend you do the same.

How to defeat Bokoblins and Mobilns

To defeat the smaller enemies in the House of Bones, attack them until their heads fall off. When that happens, hit the head once to destroy it. Kite the larger Moblin skeletons so you only fight one of them at a time. Now only one thing stands in the way totk Location of Biggoron’s Sword.

How to defeat the stalnox for Biggoron’s sword in Tears of the Kingdom

When all other enemies are dead (again), the Stalnox will rise. As with regular Hinox bosses, this is your best strategy Hit him in the eye with an arrow to stun him. It will sit down for a few moments and you can whine on its feet and legs.

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At around 5% health, his eye pops out. You have to deal the last few pulses of damage directly to it. The Stalnox will try to raise its eye again, but you can knock it away. When the Satlnox boss gets his eye back, he will use it again to restore a bit of health.

The Eye of the Stalnox has more HP than you might expect, so use your best weapon to burn it down quickly. I was surprised at how much damage the eye could take. I had to knock it out of the boss a few times before I could do enough damage to destroy it, so use your best fused weapon.

When the Stalnox is finally defeated, the chest in the House of Bones will open. Drop by to collect DeadKis Biggoron’s sword. It has a base attack power of 36, and you can merge it to increase this value.

If you want Tears of the KingdomGet Biggoron’s Sword for your collection, but I recommend you keep it safe. It’s not devoid of the game’s weapon damage and durability system. If overused, it will eventually break.

With that, you know how to use Biggoron’s sword The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. A legendary blade guarded by the dead that you will want to add to your collection. If you need further help Tears of the Kingdomcheck out our guides on how to do this best early game armor, How to increase your storage spaceand more inside our DeadK guides hub.

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