Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get Great Eagle Bow in TotK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Great Eagle Bow is a legendary unique weapon found in Rito Village. To do this, you need to complete the Regional Phenomena quest in Hebra and get some other crafting items along the way. Here’s our guide to help you get started on the Great Eagle Bow Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Minor spoilers follow.

How to get the Great Eagle Bow in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

TotK Great Eagle Bow: Legacy of the Rito Quest and Requirements

As mentioned, the Great Eagle Bow requires you to complete the entire Hebra regional quest, which grants you Tulin’s Sage Companion ability.. Once that’s done, return to the top part of Rito Village, where you’ll find Teba, Tulin’s father.

Talk to him and he will offer you to craft the weapon as part of the Rito’s Legacy quest. Here are the materials you will need:

  • 5x Wood – Easy to obtain as you only need to chop down trees and logs.
  • 3x Diamond – These can be found in valuable ore deposits, such as in the sky realm. Some are also rewarded in shrines, e.g Jochi-Ihiga/Rock for sale. Additionally, if you already have a single diamond, you can easily do this the materials cheat.
  • 1x Swallow Arch – There are a few select locations like the one mentioned below.
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Where to find the Swallow Arch

The DeadK A single Swallow Bow is required for the Great Eagle Bow. The place I went to is pretty easy to get to. From the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower, use the launch pad and glide west a short distance. There you will find the Rito Flight Path area. The coordinates are (-3789, 2320, 0161).

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There is a hut with an NPC nearby. Right next to the guy is a swallow bow and some arrows. As far as I can tell there’s a good chance the weapon will respawn in each new Blood Moon Cycle since it’s currently open.

TotK Great Eagle Bow stats

Once you have all the materials, return to Teba so you can obtain them Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Big eagle bow. It has an attack power of +28. Its main selling point, however, is that it can fire up to three projectiles at a time, despite only consuming one arrow for the shot.

Another factor to consider is that if the original part breaks and you need a replacement, all you have to do is re-source the materials and hand them over to Teba. On the other hand, I would also just suggest deceive weapons to avoid the hassle.

This is how you get the Great Eagle Bow in Tears of the Kingdom. During the campaign, you can find more regional legendary/unique weapons. Examples of this are the Lightscale trident from Zora’s domainThe Boulder Breaker from Goron Cityand the Scimitar of the Seven/Daybreaker Combo from Gerudo Town. Likewise, there are tons of activities and mechanics in the game, so be sure to check out ours Zelda: DeadK guides hub For more tips, strategies, and walkthroughs, click here.

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