Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Make Porridge in TotK

The legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The porridge recipe makes it an easy-to-prepare dish that restores hearts and helps you complete certain quests. But where to find in the vast expanses of Hyrule, the Sky Isles and the Depths? So that you don’t have to search every nook and cranny for ingredients like I did, our guide tells you how to prepare porridge DeadK.

How to cook porridge in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As with many recipes in the game, when making porridge you can experiment with different ingredients to get different results. And while experimenting can be fun (it’s one of the best parts of the game!), it’s understandable that you might just want to make something DeadK Porridge and back to the quest.

Luckily, the ingredients are pretty easy to come by. For preparing porridge Tears of the KingdomYou only need three ingredients:

  • Fresh milk: Can be bought or traded. Our full Fresh Milk Guide has more info.
  • Hylian Rice: Can be bought or harvested. Our full Hylian Rice Guide has more.
  • wild green: Harvested throughout Hyrule.

Wild green is the ingredient that determines the effect of your porridge. For example, if you cook the dish with Hyrule Herb, just increase the amount of hearts the dish restores. Alternatively, concocting it with the green Blue Nightshade gives you a sneaky veggie mash that increases your stealth.

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TotK Porridge Greens explained

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There are many verdant plants to be found throughout Hyrule. So be sure to collect them as soon as you see them on your travels. They can be found in forests and meadows, as well as near bodies of water. It’s worth noting that not every green is in Tears of the Kingdom will have “Green” in the name. Many are referred to by other names, such as radish, cabbage, onion, carrot, or thistle.

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I always enjoy experimenting at the cooking station. My favorite is so far Collect Sundelions and use the Sunny Veggie Porridge to combat the effects of Gloom. To see the effect of the greens, go to your inventory and hover over the item. The effect is shown in the description of the item on the right.

This is our guide to preparing porridge Tears of the Kingdom. We have many more recipes, walkthroughs, and strategies to help you through Hyrule. Check out our Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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