Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Orbs of Water Shrine Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Orbs of Water puzzle in Igoshon Shrine uses cool mechanics that you’ll experience while progressing through the Lanayru main quest. In the totk In the Orbs of Water puzzle, use the title balls to bridge gaps to the end. Here is our complete guide to help you solve the Igoshon Shrine Orbs of Water puzzle Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Igoshon Shrine Orbs of Water Puzzle Solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Location of Igoshon Shrine

The DeadK The Igoshon Shrine is located in the floating islands area, just before you reach the water temple in the Lanayru Sky Archipelago. It’s almost impossible to miss this area as you head towards this location as part of the main quest in the region.

Even if you don’t solve this Tears of the Kingdom If you solve the puzzle during the main quest, you can still go back, as Igoshon Shrine becomes a fast travel point as long as you interact with its glyph.

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TotK Igoshon Shrine Orbs of Water Puzzle walkthrough

The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Orbs of Water puzzle for Igoshon Shrine is based on a core mechanic found in the region. This means that you penetrate the slowly rising bubbles of water to reach new areas. Again, low gravity is active, meaning you’ll jump higher but also slower. Most are straightforward, but there was one that confused me a bit.

First solution of the Orbs of Water puzzle

For the first time DeadK To solve the Orbs of Water puzzle and chest you just have to go up with the water bubble. You can then use Ultrahand to move the bubble sideways. This allows it to catch the chest as it falls. Bring it back to get your reward.

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Second solution of the Igoshon Shrine riddle

The second Tears of the Kingdom The Igoshon Shrine Puzzle requires the use of the Recall ability. Since the bubbles will fall down here, you’ll have to wait for one of them to get close to Link and then press “Recall” before you can ride it. You should be able to get to the upper passage, where you’ll take another orb to reach the opposite ledge.

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Third puzzle solution

As for the final DeadK The Orbs of Water puzzle can get tricky. The water bubbles move in a straight line and cannot reach the edge where the exit is. However, if you look to the side of the structure that creates these bubbles, you will notice a metal plate. Use Ultrahand to rotate the metal board and place it in the indentation on the floor. It should slope slightly upwards.

When the water bubble moves towards it, it looks like the bubble has flown all the way to the top. I was really surprised when I first saw this, but all you have to do is ride the bubble and slide out once you’re close enough to the altar.

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Once you have completed the above steps, complete the process Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Orbs of Water puzzle for Igoshon Shrine. This is just one of many Shrine challenges for you to complete DeadK. You can find more tips and walkthroughs on our Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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