Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — The Satori Mountain Crystal Guide

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has some unique puzzles and Usazum Shrine is one of them. You’ll find that the entrance to the shrine doesn’t start like most, and once activated, you’ll begin the shrine quest, The Satori Rock Crystal. Here is our complete guide on how to solve Usazum Shrine and Satori Clear Crystal DeadK.

Walkthrough for Usazum Shrine and Satori Clear Crystal in DeadK

Location of Usazum Shrine

Map location of Usazum Shrine from Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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You can find Usazum Shrine at the southern base of Mount Satori in Hyrule Ridge. The exact The coordinates for the shrine are -2139, -0873, 0093 The exact location is marked on the map above.

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How to complete the Satori Clear Crystal in TotK

For this shrine quest, you need to get a crystal from the nearby cave at the foot of the Satori Mountains. As soon as you start the quest, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a laser pointing at it, and you can follow it all the way to the entrance – The The coordinates to the cave are -2204, -0792, 0115. I recommend you Bring arrows The easiest way is to complete the following mini-boss fight.

  • Once you get to the cave you have a chance to meet Hinox, the mini boss who wears the crystal around his neck. The laser points directly to its location.
  • The cave, like many others, has bomb flowers on the floor and on the walls. You want to collect some of these for your fight against Hinox.
  • Collect as many Bomb Flowers as you can while keeping an eye out for Hinox.

How to find the treasure chest in the cave at the foot of the Satori Mountains

  • The treasure chest is in a climbable space that you will use to eliminate Hinox.
  • You can find the perch in the center wall of the room. You have to climb up the side of the wall to reach it.
  • The The coordinates to the treasure chest are -2210, -0715, 0119. You will receive one silver rupee (100 rupees).
  • Once on the perch, wait for Hinox to approach your territory.
  • Once you see Hinox, Merge a bomb flower to your arrow and aim straight at its eye.
  • Shooting him in the eye will knock him down and stun him for a short time. You can approach him and hold him down with your primary weapon while he’s down, or just wait for him to recover and then keep shooting him with bomb flower darts.
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  • Once Hinox is eliminated, get the green crystal.
  • Carry the crystal back to Usazum Shrine and place it in the objective.
  • You complete the shrine quest and you can get your light of blessing from the shrine.

Well, that’s all for our guide on how to complete The Satori Quartz Crystal Usazum Shrine quest in Tears of the Kingdom. Be sure to check out our other guides with us Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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