Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – The White Bird’s Guidance Quest Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom In the White Bird’s Guidance quest, you’re looking for a creature that’s pretty hard to find, if we can even call it a living creature. This will take you to a well-hidden shrine. Here’s our guide to help you fill it out DeadK White Bird’s Guidance Shrine Quest in Rito village.

Tears of the Kingdom Rito Village White Bird’s Guidance Shrine Quest walkthrough

Location of the shrine quest

This particular quest can be started in Rito Village in the Hebra region. You can’t miss it as you are heading to this location as part of the Regional Phenomena portion of the campaign.

Once you complete the Wind Temple puzzles and boss encounter, the skies over Rito will clear up. At this point, climb the spiral staircase and talk to an NPC named Laissa. She mentions the following:

As dawn broke I saw a white bird resting on the long shadow of the perch. Deep within, I could see a stone shrouded in green light.

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Where to find the white bird

Sounds tricky, right? I was thinking the same thing. At first I assumed that the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The quest “White Bird’s Guidance” referred to a living thing, say a pigeon somewhere in town. That’s not the case at all.

So for this task you should climb near the top part of Rito village. There you will see part of the high rock sticking out. You can use Ascend a few times to reach the top of the perch. Once there, go to the edge of the perch (i.e. the “beak” of the rock formation) and face northwest. In the distance you will notice a strange shape, as if a white bird is carved along a mountain.

The White Bird here is like a kind of design where your eyes play tricks on you. The reason Laissa mentioned going there at dawn is because that’s when it’s best visible. And to be clear: You might also stumble upon this location by accident, even if you don’t complete the quest.

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Wao-O’s Shrine Lever Power Puzzle solution

Be sure to glide there and you will find a well-hidden cave (the West Lake Totori Cave). Go deeper and you will see the Wao Os Shrine. That’s the end of it Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom We have to solve the Guidance of the White Bird quest, but we still have to solve the Wao Os Shrine puzzle called Leverage.

The idea here is to place the ball in the jar/bowl. Then drop the block/cube on the other end of the board. This turns the whole thing into a catapult that hurls the ball at the target. When this happens, a hidden wall will open, allowing you to grab another board. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Attach the extra board to one side (the one farther from the gap/chasm).
  • Attach the container/bowl to this extra board. In a way, this causes the catapult to aim higher.
  • Put the ball in the bowl and drop the cube. This will shoot the bullet at the target above.
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The door is now open. To get there, simply move the link to the center of the bowl and then drop the block for an accelerated launch. Before you go though, turn around while gliding to find the chest. You can get a Spicy Elixir from it.

Anyhow, that concludes the matter Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom White Bird’s Guidance and Wao-O’s Shrine Level Power puzzles. This is just one special activity that you can do in this huge game. For other challenges and mechanics you can visit ours Zelda DeadK guides hub.

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