Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — Misko’s Treasure Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure can be found after meeting Meeshy, a woman in a mushroom dress. She talks to you about the new fashion designer Cece in Hateno village and is a thief named Misko who has hidden three fashion armor sets in different parts of the region. This guide will show you all three Misko treasure locations and what you need to do to get each piece of armor.

Misko’s Treasure Locations consist of three armor pieces:

  • The barbarian armor (increases attack).
  • The rubber armor (increases lightning resistance).
  • The Climbing Armor (increases climbing speed).

There is no correct order or time limit for acquiring Misko’s Treasures. Collect them at your own pace.

Where to find Misko’s powerful outfit treasure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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You can find the Barbarian Armor, dubbed “Mighty Outfit” by Meeshy, just northwest of Central Hyrule in a Crenel Hills cave (coordinates 0493, 0730, 0041).

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The cave is on a hill and in its mouth you should see glowing raw glowing stones.

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Go inside the cave and into the one large central area. Stay on the outskirts if you don’t want to wake up the Stone Talus boss who lives here. At the back of the cave is another large clump of glowing rocks set into the ceiling.

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Throw or shoot a bomb flower at it to destroy everything, then climb in the opening to see the altar and treasure chest with the barbarian armor.

Where to Find Misko’s Climbing Outfit Treasure in TotK

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The Climbing Armor is located deep in North Hyrule Plain Cave, due southeast of New Serenne Stable and Sinakawak Shrine (coordinates). -1188, 0644, 0072).

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It’s also just past the bridge in the north-west part of central Hyrule, nestled into a hilltop on the eastern cliffs as you head towards the stables from the bridge. A curious traveler will poke their head in to see what’s going on inside, but won’t venture in themselves.

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You’ll first have to deal with two likes by shooting their orange week dot when it pops out and then hitting it while they’re stunned. Climb up through the platform where the distant enemy was hanging, then follow the path to the left until you see a waterfall next to the path itself.

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Walk through the water to see the altar and the chest with the treasure. I’ll admit it took me a minute to figure out the waterfall trick. It’s too much of a classic not I’ll get used to this situation, but the first time I walked through the cave I got past it at all.

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Where to find Misko’s shockproof outfit treasure in Tears of the Kingdom

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Technically, the Lightning Armor is Misko’s most difficult treasure to find. It is located in Whistling Hill Cave. You are traveling almost directly south of Lookout Landing (coordinates). -0067, -1047, 0020).

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Head south past Hyrule Field Chasm until you reach a large boulder between three streets. Two other landmarks are the Riverside Stable to the east and the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower to the west. The Teniten Shrine is just south of the cave entrance and is blocked by breakable rocks (forgive the lack of rocks in the screenshot).

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Once inside the cave, bear right past the Keese and cut through the two thin vine-covered walls. Drop into the group of Bokoblin skeletons, then in the next room, climb up through the overhand on your left. Your first challenge is a brick-clad Like Like. Wait for it to spit out three rocks at you, then shoot its exposed weak spot with a bomb flower dart to remove its armor and stun it. Once it’s dead, head into the room beyond to face a Lightning Like Like.

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The Lightning Like Like fires a volley of electricity balls, then explodes at its weak point as usual. It can require a severe punishment, so bring a good gun, once in a while It is When you’re dead, smash the breakable bricks behind it and get the rubber armor as a reward.

While Misko’s Treasures won’t fill a full armor set, each piece you get as part of the quest can give you an important advantage no matter where you are in the game. However, the sooner you get them, the better off you will be. For more content see Tears of the KingdomCash Our guides are the linchpin of the gamewhere we’ve covered solutions for dozens of shrines, including The power of water, An uplifting deviceand more.

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