Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — Stacking a Path Shrine Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Stacking a path in Turakawak Shrine requires you to do something relatively simple: place blocks on top of each other. However, there are some limitations if you want to delete the domain. Here is our guide to help you solve the Turakawak Shrine Stacking-a-Path puzzle Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Turakawak shrine stacking a path puzzle solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Location of Turakawak Shrine

Turakawak Shrine is located in the southernmost part of the Tabantha region. You can find it by following the darker coloring on your map between Hebra and Hyrule, which represents the rocky and rugged terrain.

Once there, you’ll notice a shrine surrounded by thorny vines. If the weather is clear, you should be able to burn them by tossing Fire Fruit. Most of the time, however, it will rain in this area. In my case, I climbed a nearby tree and then glided to the entrance of the sanctuary. The coordinates are: -3496, -0197, 0066.

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TotK Turakawak Shrine Stacking a Path Puzzle Solution

The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Turakawak Shrine Stacking-a-Path Puzzle has the objective in its name: you have to stack boxes/blocks on top of each other. However, for the first part you only need one block, placed neatly on the lower floor a short distance from the ledge. Climb it and use Ascend. This will take you to the upper area with a chest that has a wand inside.

Since it’s an enclosure, you should use Ascend to get back out. In addition, you still have to return to the lower area, since you will need the crates.

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This time, stack the crates on top of each other, creating a kind of small column. You can then climb to the top. You must also use Ultrahand to bring the crates.

Place the two crates at the base of the high wall where the altar is. You’ll also notice a third block here that you’ll want to attach with a protruding section. This allows you to cast Ascend to reach the top of the wall and the altar.

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That’s the end of it Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Turakawak Shrine, stack a path puzzle. Since you’re in the area, you might as well do that Gasas Shrine Puzzle, to. You can find more tips and walkthroughs on our Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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