Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — Where to Find the Gerudo Missing Owner

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom “Missing Owner” is a side quest that you can complete once you reach Gerudo Town. In it you must locate the owner of a jewelry store who has not yet returned from her trip. Here’s our guide to help you find it DeadK Gerudo missing owner.

Where to find the missing Gerudo owner in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

The DeadK The Missing Owner side quest comes from an NPC named Cara. She currently runs the gem shop in Gerudo Town. As part of the main quest, you should gain access to the hub in the village. The coordinates are: -3881, -2691, 0123.

When speaking to Cara, she will mention that the owner, Isha, hasn’t returned yet and she’s worried. To find Isha you need to hike all the way west of the town of Gerudo to an area called Toruma Dunes. The coordinates are: -4771, -2826, 0034.

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You’ll notice that Isha is on top of a rock formation and has no intention of climbing down. That’s because there’s a Molduga waiting downstairs. This monstrous creature stalks the desert sand dunes.

Personally, I find this creature to be easy to take down as it is sensitive to sound. This means I was able to lure him out before doing any damage. Find out more in our Molduga chief leader.

After defeating Molduga, Isha will be very grateful for your help. Return to the town of Gerudo and speak to her to complete the quest Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Quest “Missing Owner”. In addition to giving you a diamond for your efforts, Isha also offers to craft two unique/legendary weapons: the Scimitar of the Seven and Daybreaker.

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Now you know how to find that DeadK Missing owner. Be sure to visit ours Zelda: DeadK guides hub For more tips, strategies, and walkthroughs, click here.

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