Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Where to Find Goron City in TotK

Know how to get to Goron City The legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be confusing. The Hyrule map keeps you guessing at the best way to get to a location until you discover new areas. Goron City is a location you must visit for the Regional Phenomena main questline, but it remains hidden until you arrive. Our guide will explain how to get to Goron City DeadK.

How to get to Goron City in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Goron City map, location, street from Woodland Stable
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Goron City is at the coordinates (1652, 2444, 0381) In Tears of the Kingdom. It is between Death Mountain and Great Hyrule Forest. There are multiple ways to get to Goron City, but some are more efficient than others.

Most direct route to Goron City in TotK

After some testing, I found this to be the most direct route from the original Central Hyrule region to Goron City DeadK is across the street from Woodland Stable (1056, 1126, 0022). The map screenshot above has the trail marked, and I’d recommend grabbing a horse from the stable to speed things up.

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Best route to Goron City

Another convenient – and perhaps faster – way to get to Goron City is to first find the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower (1637, 1183, 0225) and glide north.

The Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower lies between Pico Pond and Lake Ferona, east of Woodland Stable. The short detour can be worth it, as gliding helps shorten the route and miss enemies along the way. You can even spot the Goron Monolith statues after starting from there, as shown in the screenshot above.

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Unless improves your staminaHowever, gliding doesn’t quite make it. I recommend spending some Lights of Blessing to build your stamina before starting the trek using this method. Otherwise, riding a stable horse is a better option if you’re more invested in heart than stamina.

That’s all for our guide on where to find Goron City Tears of the Kingdom. We have many more tips and tricks, walkthroughs, and strategies to help you through Hyrule. Check out our Zelda: DeadK guides hub.

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